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my dad ,84 yrs was admitted to hospital with auditory hallucinations for a 4 week assessment period. it was found hes suffering with urine infections. 7 months later he is still in hospital being pushed between medical and mental hospitals each blaming the other . neither want him taking up bed space so they want to send him home still suffering with UTIs and hallucinations and now so physically weak. what a joke !!

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  • I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you manage to sort something soon.


  • What a TERRIBLE state if affairs for both you and your father. Totally unnecessary but I'm afraid just one of the many examples I've read about recently, on the total inability of any department taking responsibility for your Dad's condition. I only hope you do get some form of apology and a marked improvement in your dear father's care. Sincere regards.

  • Thank you both for comments of support, I too hope it gets sorted soon so my father can regain some of his dignity and independence . Thanks again


  • Dear carljbcarljb,please keep us informed of your Dad's progress. Here's hoping for a better year for us all in 2017.

  • If he has two conditions he needs to be treated for both until he is well. The conditions don't clash, one is a physical ailment and the other a psychological ailment. There should be no problem. I hope he soon recovers.

  • Dear Carl

    I am so sorry for you and your Dad. The hallucinations are likely to be from a raised temperature, although an older person often does not show much of an increase and instead presents with confusion and/or delirious and could/should be dealt with by his GP at home. Then sent for tests should this be necessary.

    It is possible that the delay in treatment, which sounds hit and miss for 7 months in either hospital ward may have caused a larger problem and he may not have been given the right antibiotics.

    It is so awful that he is being pushed around for so long.

    You should make a complaint if you are able to.

    Are you able to get him home?

    If treated properly with medication for the high temp, for example paracetamol, and the right antibiotic, he should return to his old self.

    Wishing you both the very best of luck

  • Dear Carl

    How is your dad? Do hope he is getting the right treatment and home soon

  • How does Urology dept & research techniques liase with the many conditions it is used to Investigate e.g.: kidneys , Alzheimers .Can the primary sector be trusted to give the results or are some rationed if seen to be costing too much.

    The loss of local A&E depts are of serious concern when this can cause sepsis or be fatal ?

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