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NHS entitlement and EHIC


I moved to the UK last September, and I started to work at the very beginning of October. My contract ended on the 31st of may, but I signed a new one, and I'm starting on the 2nd of September. But I'm French, and I went back to France for the summer, I'll only go back by the end of August. My only problem is: I'm not entitled to the French health services anymore, so I was wondering... what about the NHS? I've got a NI number, an EHIC... so I thought perhaps I could use my EHIC in June-July-August to cover my treatment (just in case) until I return to the UK even if I don't have a job at the moment? I can't find anything online, it's just all so confusing. :/


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I understand your confusion - I'm not an expert but look at nhs.uk/chq/pages/1087.aspx?...

You will see that the NHS is a ' residence based healthcare system ' scroll down and it gives you advice on proving entitlement. My thinking is that if you can prove entitlement then EHIC is valid.

Interested to know why the French system has denied you access if you have only been in UK Sept 2014. There are many UK pensioners who live in warmer parts of Europe eg Spain who still get treatment under the NHS.

Also you could try the CAB Citizens Advice Bureau, they do have information on NHS entitlement and their advice is free


Thanks a lot!


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