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Shame on NHS 70


After being enjured by playing Bolling went to GP just to get pain killers for muscle swelling. I told her that I were born with my arm and it's not a prostatic one. Could you please do a thorough check up.

Guess what she is right I am wrong!

Second issue, working long hours on shop floor, my heel is very painful (after 15 years) . She has arranged me to do squats with a graduate at a local facelity after 6 months of wait.

That's hardly 10 visits in my entire life.

70 year old NHS celebrating and spending my donated cash on celebrities....

Good to see Sir Attenborough saying me that on the front of that page.

Cancer ...... And neglected grassroots people is a TRUE picture of NHS.

Soon they are going to ask for more free money of my sweat and blood.

Happy birthday To NHS on the 70th..

No wiser, no vision, no control, only micro managed, geed and hunger for money.

Thank you for least say something... Wonder if any response will be there. Might take my 70th progony... If I am lucky.. only.


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What pills are you on?


I'm sorry to hear about your problems.

If you as many now do not trust NHS staff, please start recording your conversations. It seems they give you a better service and are less likely to try to fob you off.

I hope you feel better soon.

It seems some have good treatment and some have bad.

I have had both, but the last treatment was terrible and almost killed me, so I stay away now - don't know what will happen if I ever need it or when I get really old - daunting thought.

I just pray I get the guidance as I am scared of the NHS now.

They stopped good homeopathic treatment due to no profit. They tried to make out it was because there is no proof it works - scientific that is, so now I have no treatment. I have to manage the symptoms alone, but then most of their treatment is toxic, traumatic and invasive and does the body really want that?!

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Absolute nonsense. Homeopathic remedies were no longer funded by the NHS because they don't work. If you haven't noticed the NHS is a non profit organisation! If you know differently then you really need to provide proof that the NHS wants profit.

Saying "my last treatment almost killed me" is such a ridiculous thing to say.

The thing is you state that your treatment under the NHS is toxic. Are you a qualified doctor? People really need to stay off the internet and understand what the treatment is and what it does instead of googling and believing what you read on whacko websites.

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Perhaps you need to read the report below or is that nonsense, too?

I don't know of anyone who died from homeopathic treatment!

NHS causes 40,000 deaths a year

by GRAEME WILSON, Daily Mail Sunday, Jul 15th 2018

Forty thousand patients die every year as a result of mistakes by NHS staff, a report has claimed.

Half this figure could be easily prevented by tougher safety procedures, according to senior Tory MP David Davis, chairman of the powerful Commons Public Accounts Committee.

The respected former minister published a 35-page report, highlighting a dossier by the Chief Medical Officer Professor Liam Donaldson which catalogues around 850,000 'adverse events' - or errors - in the NHS each year.

While the health service has not worked out how many mistakes were fatal, Mr Davis said in Australia the health authorities calculate 4.9 per cent of adverse events result in death.

This would mean errors causing 41,650 deaths in Britain each year, although the figure could be higher because Australia's health service is among the world's best.

I don't think you know what you are talking about.

Why do you think homeopathic treatments have been around for so long and have helped so many people and are still used and still helping people all around the world?

It is certainly not a placebo, but all about energies and healing; you have to understand about energies and healing to understand homeopathy.

Everyone is different and some benefit from very little of a substance.

Why do you think so many thousands die under conventional treatment each year?

Most in the system are brain-washed either by their training or pharmaceutical companies who make millions out of the system.

The emergency services are brilliant and some surgical services, but generally drugs are given out rather than advice on healing because doctors are no longer trained to heal, but to suppress the symptoms.

Well, let me explain, I was given a drug during my last treatment that I should not have been given with penicillin allergy. This antibiotic was given for a suspected infection that could not be found. The symptoms were actually caused by pieces of the internal dressing pack stuck to my insides for six weeks after the pack was removed.

The consequences - It damaged my liver and kidneys and digestive system so badly, I lost weight down from a healthy 9stone 5lb on entering hospital to 5stone 10lb and almost died.

It is not nonsense and how dare you say so when you do not know.

I developed allergy to so many things - foods as well as chemicals that I almost died and I was expected to die by the professionals - being told most people die from what happened to me and I was given little hope.

With help from Bristol Homoeopathic NHS hospital with exceptionally knowledgeable doctors conventionally and homeopathically trained, plus help from a nutritionist/kinesiologist who kept me alive on a natural and nutritious liquid when all solid food was going through me or blocking my system; treatment with a bio-com system using herbs and homeopathy by a practitioner who had worked as a charge nurse in the NHS for 30 years and had changed to complementary due to what he had seen and didn't believe in any longer and natural healers, my digestive system started to heal and I could gradually introduce solid food again. I was basically poisoned.

I still have allergies and have to be careful. I will never be the same as before, but I have learnt so much and I warn others whenever possible to save them from what happened to me - that is if they want to know.

If they don't that is fine, but I will certainly not stay off the Internet!

Perhaps you should do your research and find out the truth about much of conventional medicine.


Ha ha, no one has died from homeopathy because it doesn't do anything in the first place, then they all come running to the normal health services as a last resort when they're in quite serious trouble.

Seen it many times and sadly we'll see it many more before I retire.

Oh I've gone and done my research, only too recently! As a consequence I am quite familiar with David Davis' rant, sorry, report. All out of context with very few facts and lots of superfluous erroneous figures.

I'm so happy that your kinesiology expert "kept you alive" that's all I need to know of your "knowledge", impartiality and ability to make factual claims.

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