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Is there treatment for monomer exposure?

Some months ago I had a work accident. I inhaled a lot of fumes from material called monomer. I was not given Health and Safety at start of the work and I haven't signed any documents about the harmfulness of the material so I didn't know anything about this particular monomer. I was not given first aid immediately after the accident. I haven't got Occupational Health Assessment. Doctors refuse to treat me because they don't know what I have inhaled. From the company refused to give me information so I can be treated.

There are no visual marks on my body from the exposure. But I have pain in all my body, the strongest is in the chest, diaphragm and stomach. The rest of my body is in non-stop pain. The feeling is as all my nerves are naked. I am on sleeping pills now which suppress partly the pain but they don't cure my body.

Is there any possibility for treatment? From what I have read about the monomers they are very hazardous and could destroy the whole immune system, effect many organs. The action is irreversible.

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Sorry to hear about your accident at work. Given that the employer appears to be uncooperative by not providing details of the monomer it suggests to me that they will not have reported the accident to HSE. It is their duty. You can report the accident at extranet.hse.gov.uk/lfserve... I would.

HSE does have a medical division that deals solely with work related health - while they don't treat people - they maybe able to help with your question if you complete the form for advice extranet.hse.gov.uk/lfserve...

Hope that helps


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