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Maybe not so lucky!

I usually count myself pretty lucky with not suffering many side effects from meds.This latest flu jab however has bucked the trend and not in a small way.Had my Copd review on Friday along with flu jab,no mention of any side effects.Review was fine, spirometry very slightly lower but not enough to worry about,BMI down a bit which is good as I was feeling a bit porky lol.During Friday night Saturday morning had the most awful indigestion,from 3am til 5am I was sitting on the toilet with the most horrendous diarrhoea,felt like a flamethrower discharging itself.Even now at 17.30 pm I,m sitting here in agony.The nurse changed my Seretide inhaler to Flutiform and I had to phone the pharmacy so asked if my problem was due to the jab,he went and checked and low and behold it is a side effect of this flu jab.I have not heard it mentioned anywhere so just wondering if I,m one of the unlucky few.I know I should,nt complain but I do have an awfully sore butt.Hope none of you have this affliction,any problems with Flutiform pleas let me know.Taa, D.

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Informed consent???? I don't think so, just hitting targets



I wonder what your VitD levels are ? When Optimal it can prevent so much. It is more than just a vitamin - it is a steroidal pre-hormone as well as anti-inflammatory. Every cell in the body has a receptor for D3 - so it is needed for a reason. Low levels are at the root of so much illness. Wonder if your Doc saw the letter about D Testing ? - as I would put you in the at risk category....


Click onto Health Conditions at the TOP of the page and be amazed :-)

I personally would NOT have a flu jab.... Docs earn extra for ticking that box and if they do not point out the side effects then it is up to us to research for ourselves. Which of course they do not like us doing - but hey we do not have a choice....


Thanks for the input,I spent a lot of this year outside as the weather was pretty good.I still get out as much as possible so I,d be surprised if my vitamin D levels were low.I am thinking about a supplement for the winter months.Regards D.


Without a test for D you will not know your levels. My husband and I have lived in Crete for over 10 years - we have an olive grove as well as a Guest House for letting and I swim a kilometre daily. We still both tested Insufficient and take huge doses.

Important not to guess - get tested :-) You can do it privately for 25 GBP's with City Assays Birmingham... As low levels of D are involved in many CHRONIC illnesses - it is worth the dosh.

Low levels could be linked to your various conditions....


I did feel a little rough for a few days this time. But not in the same way as you. Get better soon!


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