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Is patient satisfaction feedback actually useful in assessing clinical value?

Quite a coherent rebuff from a doctor of the dominance of patient satisfaction measures in deciding the value of clinical services. Beware the nice doctors! - newyorker.com/online/blogs/...

But this conflicts with the evidence published by Imperial last year showing a correlation between patient satisfaction and predictors of poor hospital care - telegraph.co.uk/health/heal...

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Wait till you start linking it to doctor's pay!! In the US the ACOs (the equivalent of our CCGs) and insurers are beginning to build in personal patient experience ranking into the accountability and care payment structure.

forbes.com/sites/brucejapse... . It's only a matter of time.


Question is, would the NHS ever implement monetary incentives for GPs? Acceptable in American capitalism, not sure about here...


I'd say the design of the feedback survey is very a important factor. Some are more effective than others in getting the right information to improve care.

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I'd say it's important to measure patient and staff experiences with surveys but only if the data collected is of any meaning to anyone. Using the just published NHS friends and family test as an example. Does anyone think this can improve NHS care? Don't think so


I think what the Imperial and other studies show is that these kind of blunt tools are quite good predictors of failure (Mid-staffs-style). But in terms of the Patient Choice side of things - i.e. should I give birth to a new baby prince in St Thomas or St Mary's Hospital it's as useful as a chocolate teapot.


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