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Brain atrophy


Hello everyone,my mum is 74 she suffers from brain atrophy,cortical and subcortical,doctors says there is nothing to do about it,also feet neuropathy,usin acid alpha lipoic (Ala) and Amyzol(antidepressant) for nerve pain relief,her memory it's not good at all, inability to concentrate,abnormal sweats while trying to do something,any advice please..

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Welcome Lipushiza! Sorry your mom is having such a difficult journey, as well as you with her. I had severe atrophy years ago! My muscles cramped and I had weak limbs and Docs put me on Baclofen and Pristiq ! Does your mom perspire lots when in severe pain? Also I was recently told that the sun and heat if you’ve gotten too much! Can effect your body making the symptoms worsen. Can your mom do “chair workouts”? This will help along with much faith good support and positive feedback and positive thoughts and prayers as negative situations affect many of us on our journeys! I know you wish there was something for your mom a cure and when they say there’s nothing they can do for the patient you feel hopeless and scared and question our vanity the future etc. But life is what we make of it! We’ll all be praying for your mom dear and I hope your mom has high protein foods to help with her Brain Atrophy! I just heard about the Keto diet and was told it’s a good diet for Neuropathy and for your mom to try? When I do activities dear I perspire horribly from pain and if I get stressed or have too much sun or heat I become very sick to my stomach and my legs feel like there on fire! Does your mom take a medicine to help the brain? My pain doctors have me on Pristiq for a chemical imbalance I was left with after suffering from a non-cancerous Pituitary tumour that was the size of a Walnut the the Neurological docs my docs shrunk it and now it still hasn’t come back( it caused me to have horrendous headaches and severe atrophy etc. I had that tumour since 2001 and also had a watermelon sized tumour in my abdomen an after year and half of chemo it went away and also hysterectomy was done! I was so sick and finally they shrunk it! I beat renal failure twice but now have Edema so bad! You see dear! I am trying to say keep your mom and you positive and hugs and kisses and precious moments and memories made for all the fun things for you and your mom to do! Does your mom like dancing? Music? Nature? All of these things are good for both you and your mom dear! We’re all praying for you and your mom and just take it one day at a time and try to adapt your daily activities to what your mom is feeling that day! Work around that and just try to enjoy life with your mom and try to stay positive and believe!!! If you fall down Try Try Again! Sending much love your way! I hope I was of some help

Thank you franklin1970 for your prayers,yes she can walk but not balanced good,yes she's taking supplements B12 500 mcg, B6 100 mg,NEUROZAN. Can you tell me,what Pristiq is? What kind of medicine is?? All the best my dear,i hope you will get better,enjoying life on the way you desire...waiting for your answer!

Pristiq is a reubtake inhibitors and helps the serintonin for helping brains chemistry get in balance! It helps with brains ability to send neurotransmitters to the nerves in the body and it also helps with depression! I take 100 mg pill everyday and it has helped. I still get lumps of fluid on my

Head and headaches are fewer as they were so bad before this medicine! Ask your pharmacist or your Moms Doctor about this medicine as you could get a printout from your pharmacist and Doctor to fully understand this med! You could also look it up online! Just do a search for Pristiq oral and you’ll get the full answer to what many things this drug has helped with. I hope I was of some assistance and you can talk to me anytime! Prayers and hugs to you and your mom and family!

Thank you sooo much...I'm gonne have a look for this drug.

You’re so welcome my dear good luck and here for you anytime you want to talk! Prayers and hugs!!!!

I have autonomic neuropathy and I found that cutting down on the carbs helps me so much. The carb turns into sugar rather quickly making the nerves swell. Try a test and see if this helps.

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