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Peripheral Neuropathy?


Limbs very weak and finger & toe numbness. Had cervical fusion a year ago. C3 to C6. Terrible exhaustion. Poor walking plus weak hands. Joints in legs are weak off and on. Physio just wore me out and could not do it anymore. Massage is good sometimes. No pain to speak of except when I lay down and feel how exhausted I am. Get hot, then cold & exhausted. Find it hard to get warm then. Surgery took some short term memory. I will be 73 in Sept. please help I am so saddened by this illness. Do not feel like doing anything except stay home!

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Forgot to mention my reflexes are very strong. Thank you.

I know exactly how you are feeling! I was diagnosed just over a year ago and it has got worse quite rapidly. I do not know what has caused it but I was diagnosed with small fibre sensual neuropathy and just given medication which does not help at all. I am really scared for the future as my doctor and the hospital said there is nothing more they can do. I cannot walk very far now as my feet burn, tingle, feel numb and hurt and my hands are now the same. So scared for the future xx

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All is not lost. I have had peripheral neuropathy for 20 years. Initially, the symptoms got worse and I felt it was unsafe to drive, however, l now drive an adapted car with hand controls. I can't walk far and often fall over but if you learn to fall without breaking an arm it is ok.the trick is to manage your way around the condition and not to fight it. I still carry on my hobbies as best I can but to accept that I will have days that are a write off. I also found that Excercise was a problem but there is more to life than jumping up and down!

Hi there! I very sorry for your difficult journey. It’s ok to go see a counselor or Psychologist to help us deal with this cruel disease as I too didn’t leave the house but once in 3 weeks as I was so overwhelmed and was feeling very depressed and sick and felt like giving up and then I am fortunate enough to have a R. N. to call and ask advice etc. and it really helps me and I have had her as my R. N. for years and just recently she retired as she was now sick. I was heartbroken for her but when she called me yesterday she and I made each other feel better just talking about anything and knowing I now have a wonderful life long friend and having friends who truly care and understand what your going through has made a big impact in my life and my journey. I recommend this to anyone who feels like they can’t go on anymore, as just talking with family or friends or counselors or psychologists or community services in your community allow you access to much help and guidance and support. They have online courses for people with chronic illnesses that is incurable and teach you things and you can access occupational therapy, Homecare, positivity workshops support groups in person and online and Physio therapy, nutrition, exercise or swimming programs etc. prayers and hugs for you.

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Thank you. It seems everyone has terrible pain. Not that I want pain, but am wondering why I don’t!! Very warm water in the shower totally exhausts me. Just discovered that washing dishes also wears me out, probably due to the water temperature. Now wear rubber gloves! Perhaps I will try a psychologist. Can’t hurt I suppose.

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I saw a Psychologist for 6 years ice a week then ice a month at the end. I think I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my awesome Psychologist and all of the tools she taught me and breathing exercises and how to get the negative out and replace it with the positive and a good workbook I used on her advice was “ 20 ways to self esteem “, which I purchased at Coles Books for $21. Was a great deal and I still refer back to my work book exercises and recap my information as it does apply to your life your journey. I mean what do any have to loose by doing positive things to help ourselves and each other.

wow. amazing.!!

i have exactly similar. cidp and cervical fusion.

it s already 8 years that i was diagnozed.

first 3 years i had a lot pain in feets and weakness. after massage treatment directly on feets and body pain has been released and i could begin do something with myself.

thenafter i tried many techniques. found out that nutrition had impact on pain and contraction.

make many exercises and dont give up. things will be better with time. believe yourself !!!

So true! Prayers for you and hugs too!

I understand you are feeling overwhelmed and maybe a little defeated. Understandable! I too fight hard to motivate myself to go out, but dear you just have to, even sit outside first and get comfortable with that and take in nature and beautiful fresh air as it’s so good for the mind body and soul! Fresh air is very therapeutic and relaxing pain or no pain. I force myself to go out, but I too like you and many others do like to be at home a lot, but then life passes us by as well as all those precious moments are missed as we just sit at home as that’s our comfort zone and we all feel very vulnerable and fatigued and in pain, but we all have to find that balance and just make a point of going out as much as we can and try to enjoy life and not be always sitting at home with our pain and the darkness that can set in making us feel defeated in more pain and may cause us to get depressed. If you need to cry or punch a pillow do it! You’ll love getting your frustrations out and then you will have a fresh mindset and be ready for the day! “If at first you try and don’t succeed! Then try try again “! So true and I follow this rule! Yes your 73 but you still have a lot of life in you and it’s meant to be lived so don’t be so hard on yourself as you get up everyday and each one different and you just adapt your body to what you’re capable of and then plan accordingly your activities! I hope I cheered you up a little and feel free to talk anytime! So good to know we’re not alone here! Just stay positive and believe in yourself and just take it day by day and moment by moment. God bless and hugs & prayers your way!

Thank you for those kind words. Will try very hard to follow your suggestions. I do have some good days and also not so much. A good cry definitely helps. Also the odd tranquilizer does miracles for me. Try not to use them too frequently! Thank you again.

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