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High glucose levels

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Soooo I'm now 9 weeks pregnant, and after getting some blood taken on my first visit with my midwife a couple of weeks ago, I got a call from the hospital y'day saying they had shown a high glucose level. Ive been booked in to the hospital on Tuesday morning to have glucose tolerance tests so more blood to be taken over the course of 2.5 hours......lovely!!! Just really hoping the first results were out of the ordinary as I dont fancy getting diabetes during pregnancy - no family history so would be a bit unexpected! Also, this means I'm going to have to tell my boss at work sooner than I'd wanted in order to get the morning off, but these things happen!!! Fingers crossed........!!

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It's a bit too early for this to be gestational diabetes - if your are diabetic, chances are you were before you were pregnant - that's the problem with type 2 diabetes: a symptomatic for years while it does it's damage. Hope all is normal with your GTT xx

I had the GTT test yesterday, was pretty vile stuff but the only reason had it was coz my bmi was slightly over recommended for my height but as I have lost weight (morning sickness) my bmi is actually ok but still had test anyway. You don't need to tell your boss your pregnant, just tell them u have to go and have some blood tests, there was a man having the test same time as me so u don't have to be pregnant to have the test. hope it goes ok x

i thought it was early as well DrFluffy (after a bit of online research!) The nurse who rang was really nice and explained that it cud be that, or it could simply have been a one off in the first place. My dad was diaognosed with type 2 a few yrs ago, and is diet controlled, but the nurse said they only take family history into account if its type one. My bmi is normal so dont think its anything to do with that. Ah ceribean, im just hoping it wont be too bad, Im not too annoyed by needles, have given blood for years, but not really liking the fact that they have to take it a few times!!!

I don't mind the needles I would take them all day long not to drink that vile glucose drink again. yeh I can imagine them stealing ur blood a lot is a pain. it'll be ok and I hav just been telling myself its all for the little munchkin inside u, however stressful things get theres a big reward at the end x

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Poor you - most places just give a small bottle if lucozade plus 100ml from another bottle to make up the 75mg of glucose; dex syrup is rank!

ill hope for the lucozade!!! i hate taking medicines as well, give me a massive tablet before a vile drink anyday!!

i am about 12 weeks and have been told i need this test too Im not looking forward to not eating then drinking this fluid hope i don't be sick still suffering from morning sickness

Hey, I am 18.5 weeks and I am having glucose tolerance test tomorrow, I am currently fasting having had a yummy roast dinner after work now I can only have water and set alarm for 7.30 to glug the Lucosade over 10 mins, then

Bloods at GP at 9.30. I hope if doesn't bring on the thirst/headaches as this is why am am being tested early & am gonna get tested again at 28 weeks due to age and my maternal Grandad being a Type 2. I have intermittently passed glucose in my urine as I have self tested this at time when wee didn't smell quite right too me and was checking for infection, but they say pregnant women can excrete glucose.

I hope I do not develop GD too, aside from anything I do not wish to have a monster size baby, if you saw the size of me you'd understand lol.

Hope your testing goes ok and will hope for a negative for us both xx

oh i do hope so!! my appointment is at 9:30, they are gonna taken my bloods then give me glucose and wait and hour and test them again. The nurse on the phone didnt take into account my dad has type 2. I looked up the risks of high glucose in early pregnancy and ended up scaring myself. Do we find out the results on the same day i wonder? Im worried about the big baby thing as well, ohhhh its all fun and games!

Hey, i had the test this morning, the drinking of the horrible syrup fizzy drink this morning was hard, at 7.30am over a period of 10 mins, was gross....I had to forceably belch so's not to bring the whole lot back! and just sit still in bed. The blood taking itself was fine, I was not kept waiting and when I sat in the chair I think bubs was having a party in there and has not stopped moving since! I got back home just 5 mins after the sampling and was having a sugar crash, the shakes kicked in so on went the toaster for my hot peanut butter crumpets (Mmmm) and that sorted me right out, I ended up having a second breakfast mid morning as feel I need to correct this sugar imbalance. I also felt really tired after, I guess it may be because the sugar levels peak and fall quite quickly hence why its a timed test, just to forwarn you. If you have any distance to travel after the tests take food with you to eat after as the come down is not a nice feeling.

I asked about results and was informed they will go to my midwife and then normally she posts onto me to go into my maternity notes. I guess if something very wrong and did need to see the diabetic nurse then she would probably phone.

Good luck and lets wait and see if we get the results we want ;)

ill have my fingers crossed for you! UGH i hate drinking medicines etc so dont know how ill get on with it. On the plus side, told my boss today and she was really good about it, so one thing off my mind. My midwife was texting me today and she said results r usually out within 24hrs and they ring if there is any problems. Ill have to go back to work directly after it, hopefully have time for lunch beforehand so really hope im not sick as im a teacher and dont fancy feeling rubbish! Thanks for the update

I had the test on fri and got the results today, all gd but yeh the drink is quite vile, gd luck, just take snacks with u and as soon as ur free to go home/work then eat/drink on the way bk thts what I did.

Well it's all over and done with now......3blood tests and a disgusting drink later!! If I get a phonecall in the next 2days then there's a prob and if hear nothing, happy days!!

My Lord! You are all being looked after by someone truly evil! We always used lucozade when I was a diabetes and endocrine junior!!!

Lucozade would have been a dream, as I got to the 2nd glass I was heaving after every sip, yuk!! Hopefully not an experience to be repeated!!

I was 16 weeks pregnant when they tested me as big history of type 1 in family and i kept showing glucose in wee. Thank god they did as I was Type 1. I kept my sugar levels so tight in pregnancy (between 4.5 to 6) i am more healthy now than i was pre pregnancy! Injecting 4x a day a pain but i actually feel better than i have in years. Just wish the GTT test didnt have to be so vile!

It is horrible! Thankfully, my 2nd tast came back as normal and I've had no issues since. Uve done well!

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