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Someone please help me!!

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Can someone please please please help me this is so embarrassing. . I have had a sore bottom for days just thought I had piles... I just went to the toilet and there was a little white worm thing on the toilet paper.. im so freaked out im 8 weeks pregnant and so worried will this harm me or the baby I cant get the chemist or doctors till monday as they r closed can some one tell me what I can do please xx

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Dont know why the hell that picture of shoes r there lol

Simple threadworms. Try not to worry - good hygiene is usually all that is required. Pop and see your GP if worried. They're incredibly common, especially in kids! X

...threadworms, not GPs ;-p

Sounds like you've got threadworm. This is something you might need to talk to your G.P about. As long as you've notified your G.p of pregnancy they should be able to prescribe you something.

What a shame, that must be really distressing for you! Don't feel embarrassed, Drs see this sort of thing all the time. Go to your GP and it'll be sorted out in no time X

If gp closed then phone nhs direct

worms are pretty common in kids - dont worry talk to the doctor it would be fne after a dose or two

if the doctors aint open phone the nhs direct line and ull get to speak to a health advisor n they will refer you to a nurse and if they think you should go emergency doctors ull get seen

numbers 111

This really does not warrant an emergency out of hours doctors apt!

It makes sense I have been with my friends kids all week and last week and sleeping in her little girls bed I am going to ring doctors straight away in morning they must be able to prescribe something with me being pregnant x

My nephew had them when I was in the 1st weeks of pregnancy, as a family its advised to treat all members of the family who have been in contact and me and my 3 yo had been around alot, generally u can just go chemist for some tablets to get rid of them but I couldnt have them , my youngest neice was only a few months old and had to get something prescribed from doc, my sister inlawful had them 7 years ago when pregnant with my nephew and at the time docs gave her something but when I called docs and explained my nephew had them and wanted to treat prevention they said that they don't give anything to pregnant women now as they found it to be poisonous to baby and it's just a case of super hygiene to clear if I did get them and they wouldn't do any harm to baby if I did get them.

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