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23.5 weeks update

23.5 weeks update

Hi everyone, so here goes, I'm as fussy as ever with food, although a particular craving is soup, has to be Heinz chicken and sour haribo. Still in avoidance of fish. Totally different from my other two pregnancies

I had my 22 weeks scan was amazing seems I have a bendy baby, :-) its legs where above its head . Gymnast in the making. Doctor checked length of bones all organs was very detailed scan. She knew the sex and of course I don't. Which made it very difficult to scan legs etc. yet I wouldn't have a clue what I was looking at. She went into 4d wow seeing your baby that early little freaky but wow I'm amazed. Baby breech on the scan.

Baby has become more active I'm feeling definite kicks and turns and pokes. My husband felt it kick for the first time he was made up :-)

Bump is defiantly developing yet I'm still in the I look fat stage and people haven't asked that lovely question when are you due yet!

I've been feeling a little emotional this past week , helped by my kids who are as loving as ever and my daughter especially who's 4 has taken to giving bump a kiss at bedtime which is lovely to see her bonding already. My son who's 6 isn't too bothered but is very protective of my bump and loves helping me shop.

So that's my update ill update again in a few weeks. Hope your all enjoying your pregnancies as much as I am. I'm always looking in on posts, keep those baby bumps growing nicely eat well and drink well. :-)

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Hiya I'm at the same stage as you:) I'm expecting a little boy:)

I look pregnant no getting away with it! Although my bump is lovely and neat.

I can feel him moving everyday, his kicks are getting stronger, still makes me worry if I haven't felt him or a few hours, but normally a cold. Drink or jiggles about helps.

I have gone back to normal eating habits.

My hands and back are still painful but the hospital gave me support bands:)

Emotional too this week, burst into tears for no reason lol.

Sleeping is getting a bit better for some reason!

Only seventeen weeks to go from next Tuesday and finally in the safe 24 week zone :)

Good luck to you and all the ladies on here xxxx


Congrats on the baby boy, :-) Your hands I'm curious what is it? If you don't mind me asking. :-/ I love to update and its nice to hear someone has had a similar week to me. Yes sleep I have the tendency to roll onto my stomach which I've never felt comfortable so I use a. Support pillow now. I think because I was loosing weight before I got pregnant its a mental thing, people say my bump is growing but I have found it difficult after working hard from feb to October to see my belly getting big when it was shrinking. Anyhow, enjoy your pregnancy keep us updated. X


My hands are painful and stiff, it's called carpel tunnel syndrome brought on by pregnancy, I now wear splints on my hands of a night which helps :)

Me too I was loosing weight to get pregnant, I had a lovely flat stomach but not anymore but I don't care so pleased to be pregnant

Take care xxxx


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