Non-symptomatic recurring UTI? please help

Hi all,

I posted a while ago about my first UTI - had a course of antibiotics, drank plenty etc and it seemed like it went away. I'm 16 weeks now and just had another routine urine test which came back with bacteria again, but the doctor was confused as i have no symptoms (except going to the toilet a lot, and sometimes passing very little, but it's not painful)

Anyone had UTI more than once? it is dangerous? I know doctors say it needs to be treated and antibiotics are OK, but am still worried and would like to hear from someone who is in a similar position (or had a healthy baby at the end of it!) thanks x

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  • Asymptomatic bacteruria is REALLY common in pregnancy - gobsmaked your doctor has never heard if it. National guidelines are you treat it as a UTI - so 3 days of a suitable antibiotic. Rational of treating is to prevent pyelonephritis (kidney infection) as pregnancy is a state of relative immunosuppression (I.e more prone to infection) so higher risk

  • Thanks DrFluffy, the reason she was confused is also because my 'stick test' was normal, and she thought bacteria may have come from vagina - anyway, I'm having the test repeated and I'm sure another amoxicilin run awaits me.

    I know what the risks are of untreated infections because i read a lot about it. I just wanted to find out if someone had similar experience and how they coped with it, as it's very frustrating not really knowing what else you can do to stop further problems.

  • Ps going to the toilet lots IS a symptom - the geek speak for it is 'urinaty frequency'

  • yes you would think so ;) - but whenever i ask my friends who were pregnant they always say they went loads too so it's hard to know what is normal (this is my first pg)

  • Urinary even - I'm on the tube on my way home from work, posting between stations!!!

  • I have a background of renal problems, so far 1 course of abx in this pregnancy, one more will win me prophylactic abx for the rest of my pregnancy - amox is safe (unlike trim and nitro which need to be avoided in first and third trimesters respectively). Xx

  • Not quite the same thing for me as I had two dip tests where the midwife saw 'something' so sent the samples away for testing but nothing came back from them, so I never had antibiotics. But, since that second one I have had a glass of cranberry juice every morning and am drinking at least half as much water again as I normally would, and the dip tests since have all been clear. I'm sure you may have read to do this anyway, but just sharing what's worked for me!

  • I had a uti, just peeing way to much and never feeling like my bladder was empty, also had very sharp vaginal spasm. So I was treated with cefalaxin very good stuff but gave me thrush badly!

    The me said the sharp vaginal pains was small contractions bought on by he infection. She said very important to get treated as uti can cause pre term labour.

  • Thank you all, i really want to relax to enjoy this pregnancy but just so worried all the time!

    Your comments help a lot though. thanks again.

  • My second pregnancy i had a uti with no symptoms. I had bleeding around my 13th week. I went to see my consultant on through second day (already had an appointment due to my first being an emergency section) i explained everything and she wasn't concerned has i had no pains symptoms etc but said if it happens again contact hd epu. It happened again a few days later while at work, so i went to epu while arranged a scan same say has my bleeding was like a period. They saw no sign of where it was coming from and baby was doing great no problems etc just told me to rest. A were later the hospital first visit told me i had a water infection and to contact my gp for anti-biotics. Within a week everything was great and my lb is now 28 months. My first pregnancy i had a water infection and i knew straight so contacted gp. She is now 7 yrs. I am currently 34 weeks with my third and i knew around the 16 week mark i had a uti so got anti-biotics from gp and everything is great. I would personally either speak to your midwife or gp again has i think it is best to get treated. They do only give you certain anti-biotics normally penicillin but has i am allergic to it they give me something else.

  • Thanks immysarch - did you have them just once in each pg? Or more times?

  • Keep pushing your doctor on this - I have renal reflux, so I've grown up with constant UTIs and was even on a transplant list when I was a kid, but grew to cope with the infections. Mine are almost always non-symptomatic, and just show up in any routine testing that the doctors do. I miscarried last year due to a UTI that I didn't know I had, that became very serious septicemia and was even touch and go for me for a few days. This time round I have gone for a one a day antibiotic as a preventative measure. I don't like to take unnecessary tablets any more than anyone else, but it is low dose, and much better than the alternative. It just means I can forget about it happening again and know I'm doing everything I can to make sure history doesn't repeat. So don't ignore it, keep on them!

  • thanks Rhibot, I won't be ignoring it as it worries me sick. I dropped off another urine sample today so should have the results early next week at which point i'm expecting them to confirm the UTI and i will definitely be taking antibiotics as -while not happy about this - I don't want to risk anything.

    It's just frustrating as i thought i was doing everything 'by the book', drinking loads, wearing cotton undies, the whole lot, and it seems like it came back anyway ;(

  • This pregnancy i have had 3 already but the Dr just gives me anti-biotics straight away has i have sign many of them. My second pregnancy i only had one but it went on for about a month from the bleeding to the anti-biotics clearing it up. Also my first was only the once in the first trimester. Have you got a midwife appointment soon?

  • I had GP appt a couple of days ago, midwife appt is not on for another month but I am now waiting for second urine test results (due Mon/ Tue) so will probably be prescribed antibiotics then. I think i will then insist on having those checks more often because what worries me is that the 'stick-test' always looks normal and yet I have bacteria, and it worries me that having it untreated for a month may cause problems. Thank you for your advice and reply.

  • Good luck and i hope you get it sorted soon. This is my third pregnancy.and totally different from my other two. Have to have growth scans every 4 weeks has i have gestation diabetes but never had it with my other 2 but also now on insulin daily. Blood thinkers daily, plus aspirin, iron. At my last scan (32 weeks) baby was estimated at weighing 4lb 9oz, so have my next scan in 2 weeks and hoping they don't take me in sooner and that baby is doing.good with.weight gain but due to have a section in 5 weeks. Take care and all the best xx

  • many thanks, you too! x

  • Cranberry is a good one to drink def stock up on it it helps to prevent infections! Good luck

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