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Hi all,i got two children already of 12 and 9 .with my first pregnancy i was having a girl and was sick as a dog for alot of my pregnancy ,but when i was pregnant with my son i didnt even no till i was 5 months !,so no sickness and was told its probably a boy ,im now pregnant again by a different partner and had no sickness or problems do you think im probably having a boy again or does your symtoms change with different partners ? or is this a real stupid question?xx


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  • I am having a boy and was as sick as a dog. I think the sickness depends on you, your baby, your partner and a whole load of other things. But probably not its sex! :)

  • They are all different I have 2 boys and with my first I was as sick as a pig every day hated the smell of toast and coffee, but with my second boy I didnt have any sickness. Good luck x

  • I'm having a boy and was sick in my second trimester x

  • Told my friend I have had no sickness, she said I think your having a boy then, I think sickness or not its an old wives tail x

  • yeah i think it is an old wives tail,i hope so because i am secreatly hoping for another girl,but i no as long as babys healthy is the main thing xx thank you all

  • With my first i had severe sickness until around 7months and she was a girl. I then had my second child.with a different partner and even though i had bad sickness not has bad as he first and he is a boy. I am currently 33+6 with baby number 3 to the same partner has my boy and i have had hardly any symptoms except tiredness and been told by 3 sonographers it is a boy. I think maybe for has gotten use to not has many.symptoms.

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