21 week scan........so happy

I had my 21 week scan today and we are having a boy..........so happy I burst in to happy tears when I was told my husband went quiet and tears in his eyes.

Also found out my placenta is anterior hence why I don't always feel his kicking, but so funny in the scan our little boy didn't stop moving:)

After the scan phoned lots of friends and family, my throat is sore now!

We went out and bought our first baby clothes in blue obviously lol

Can't wait to be a mum, waited so long, thankyou god and every angel for this wonderful miricale xxxx

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  • Whoohoo! That's great news! Have you decided on a name yet?

    All the best to you and your little fella!

  • Yep his name will be George and middle name John after both our dads :)

  • Good choice, sounds great! :)

  • Aww congratulations really pleased for you xxx

  • That's fab news. Congratulations skyblueboston x

  • That's fantastic news. I had my 20 week scan on Monday but we did not want to find out. Half way there now. Can't wait x

  • Congratulations! A little man brewing in you! So cute! :) xxx

  • Congrats skyblueboston! I like the name George :)

  • Congrats on the boy :-) i am having a boy also. Currently thinking of Taylor-Jae but still not 100% sure yet. I am.currently 32 weeks, so.not.too.long for me now.

  • Cute name:) good luck xx

  • Thanks ladies:)

  • Congratulations, lovely to hear of your joy x

  • Congrats on having a boy enjoy your pregnancy and buying little blues, x

  • Awwww sky'blue'boston, fantastic news, congratulations, must be an amazing feeling being at this point. Very best wishes to you :) x

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