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Head protection for babies, organic products for babies, please help!!

Hello there, I am a fashion student developing research for my project regarding babies. I am planning developing head protection for babies bewteen 6-12 months, that is when babies start

sitting on their own and walking, therefore there is increased potential on hitting their heads, as they have little control specially when laying backwards. I am planning to make hats for protecting their little heads, but would like to hear the opinion of real mothers and fathers before

making them. I might be also developing a beautiful line of baby clothes.

It would be very helpful if you could answer the following questions:

1.Would you consider getting your baby a special hat as a protection for bumps?

2. If so, which characteristics you think worth in it, and which will be the perfect price?

3. Would you rather buy them online or through a retailer or on a shop near to you?

4. Is there any improvements you would like to see in terms of sizing on your babie´s clothes or any other new item you would like that you still haven´t got? Eg. trousers with more room for the nappies, or more durable clothes, or clothes in which my baby can grow in for longer?

5. Would you ever consider getting your baby organic clothes, which are gentler with their skin as they are free of pesticides?

Your responses will be appreciated. I would be happy to send a sample of my products to the answering parents when my product is finished.

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1. No, waste of money. There are products like that out there already and they are a con in my opinion.

4. There are definitely very few clothes which are designed to fit over reusable nappies - more would be appreciated by me!

5. I have but they are always more expensive.

Good luck x


Many thanks for your answer, much appreciated.


Hi, I wouldn't do the hat thing. Yes parents want to keep them safe but you're with them all the time so small bumps and bruises are common. As for the clothing, what if it came in a standard size then a slightly larger size? My daughter had chubby thighs and in some shops the trousers wouldn't fit then the next size would swamp her which was something I'd liked to have seen differently


You mean trousers which are bigger on the waist and hips but with the same length? Many thanks for your answer.


The hat - not so much.

But I try to buy as many clothes made of organic cotton as possible. Unfortunately, there are not too many organic clothes available, so I'd like to have a broader range to choose from.


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