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It feels like someone Haas kicked me in the lady bits !

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Any other aches and pains I am putting down to other things but this pain is still evident to me with codeine and has been for about 48hrs on and off ,:|

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That's not right! U should go straight to your midwife or hospital.

I thought that too but when i mentioned it Friday dr said well U have ligament pain, but I have never heard of it in the lady area!

As u knw I had a kidney infection last week the pain just didn't fel right, so I just knew I had to go to my maternity assessment unit, they were brilliant.

Stance thing is today I have had a few sharp pains but not internal maybe ligament pain but if they carry on then back to see the midwife, I'm trying not to take a ny chances, besides these people get paid to look after us and the life inside me:)

bethimagic, how far pregnant are you? Towards the end of my pregnancy I felt lots of pain and pressure down there. Everything turned out fine and I was told it was the baby settling head first x

Um, I started to get a real ache in my groin at 15 weeks and it went on and off for weeks. It felt like it was bruised. I'm 22 weeks now and haven't had it for ages. It was indeed ligament pain. So, if it feels like I'm bruised, I tend not to worry, but if it feels like I've just been kicked, I would! ps Are we allowed to take codeine?

Could be symphysis pubis dysfunction - ask to be referred to antenatal physiotherapy.

Yes I can take codeine, you can only get it on prescription. I am on that for my fibro and ligament pain, but this pain comes thru all the same, I will be 25 weeks Tuesday, but I know its not the baby moving its head down is the baby is laying sideways,well it was a week ago and none of the movements have changed, and I know it can't be any kind of urine infection etc unless its resistant to antibiotics :P

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You can actually get low dose codeine over the counter (as co-codamol 8/500 - 8mg codeine and 500mg paracetamol per tablet).

Oh, thanks for all the codeine advice and I found this about pelvic pain on the NHS website:

It does talk in length about SPD too. x

Well codeine and co-codamol are v different really, 8mg with 500 of paracetamol isn't quite the same as 60 with an optional 500mg paracetamol . . So I would really hope I wouldn't be feeling pain as it clears up my fibro pain enough with 30mg codeine. I will say I am less than enthused about how the dr and mw were today :| so not really sure what to do now

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Everyone is different - if I took 60 of codeine (with equates to 6mg of oral dot phone sulphate) I would be vomiting and hallucinating, 30 mg makes me very spaced out. 16mg with 1g paracetamol for me = pain relief and functional! Codeine is an opiate though so if you take it regularly, you will build up a tolerance to it at a receptor level and need more for the same effect.

Paracetamol and codeine work together much better than either alone (look up something called 'number needed to treat' for analgesia, also the World Heath Organisation pain ladder)

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Dot phone?? Stupid iPhone auto correct ! Oral morphine sulphate was how it was supposed to read!

Also I do not have ppgp/spd after seeing a physio and registrar., and the dr today just would not believe the pain I was in and that I have not had intercourse prior to my bleed tonight so did a speculum with no lube , I almost cried , he said well U have bruising do you want to re think your intercourse answer, to which I said no! He wrote that I had no blood in the vagina, which was untrue as speculum was covered as were swabs, he did not note down my pain in my notes by told me to take more codeine, and gave me iron tablets for the bleeding , now I am at home, confused, dis heartened , and in even more pain -_-.. Also nice to know that they don't read my notes when I have a piece of paper at the front saying what chronic illnesses I have, but when I get dizzy/wobbly or slur my words when my body can't deal with how awful I feel they ask why.... Anyway , rant over :) think I'll just go to my gp !

What an asshole! Where are you booked? I would get on to PALS! Demand to see the consultant! You can't speak to patients like that (even if you really want to!!). I work in health care, and that has genuinely shocked me (from someone who is not easy to shock or annoy, who has been physically assaulted by patients and held hostage by a nutter with a knife, which now seem like more normal events than this cretin speaking to you like this).

Also - your maternity notes are your notes! I would put my own entry in there with what you've explained above, details of your pain, the bleeding post speculum examination etc. if anyone does an internal now - guess what, you will look bruised! Still REALLY angry for you!

thank you so much :) makes me feel less mad and like I am just being touchy :) and I will certainly add to my notes , my mw apologized for the dr and said to note down his name and demand,when I go in again,to not be seen by him ..

my mw and go now think I do have both round ligament pain and ppgp, but who Knows :P

How you feeling now Bethimagic? x

Better thank you, still in pain, but now my dr and I can work out how to help me with it :)

Definately Symphisis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD or PGP)..... MAKE SURE YOU GET TREATMENT!!!!!!!! I had it with my 2nd child (was induced early as I couldn't get out of bed without screaming so the whole neighbourhood could hear) and now i'm 33 weeks pregnant with baby number 3, have SPD again, haven't left the house in 6 weeks and have a consultants appointment for early induction in two weeks. This time i'm facing steroid injections into my spine due to permanent damage.

Try sleeping with a pillow between your thighs, shorten your stride when walking, ABSOLUTELY AVOID HOOVERING AT ALL COSTS, keep a plastic bag on your seat in the car so you can swivel your way out more easily with your legs together, don't walk long distances, when getting up in the morning roll onto your side and swing your legs out of bed together instead of sitting bolt up right from lying down and only stand (for cooking cleaning etc) for short periods. Also shower instead of taking a bath (less comforting but can be extremely painful trying to get out of the bath). All can help you reduce the pain.... unfortunately no cure until baby is born as it is caused by the pregnancy triggering the release of the relaxin hormone. Your midwife can refer you for physio (personal i found this made it worse during pregnancy, but was more helpful in reducing long lasting effects after the birth of number two) who can issue you with crutches, support belt and wheelchair if needed xxxx good luck hun XXXX

Thank you for the advice, I have been getting help from a physio for the last month or so :) doing all the things iv been told, walking with crutches now too :| at the weekend I also an seeing an osteopath so they might be able to help too :)

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