I have been trying for over a year now. But no luck yet. Do you ladies have any tips/ advice on how to get pregnant. My periods are irregular. So far this month, we are having sex every 2 days and hoping to get "good news." Please ladies let me know what did guys did to get pregnant or are trying. I know we are both healthy because we have two children.

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  • Ovulation kit,get the cheap one from the Internet and test everyday at the same time. Use pre-seed makes the vagina a sperm friendly place, cut out alcohol and cigarettes if u do smoke.

    Good luck xx,

  • Skyblueboston Thnkz hun but which site can i buy these ovulation kit from?

  • probably you must start taking pregnacare for conception - although i have no personal experience of such situation

  • I think eating well and getting plenty of exercise has some effect. I have a friend who had 4 kids and every time she decides to 'get back in shape' and starts with a healthy diet and gym she gets pregnant straight away. Can't hurt to give that a go anyway!!! Good luck x

  • f3speechy thnkz 4 advice hun but i cant go gym bcauz of my kidz. There bis no one to look after them and i am going to start eating healthy. thnks ladiesXXX

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