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On clexane and site still bleeding, is this normal?

I'm 22 weeks and have been on clexane since I found out I was pregnant and apart from it being painful and having horrible bruises i've had no problems.

However after giving my injection this morning the site has continued to bleed on and off for over 12 hours now. Not alot but a change never the less. Should I be worried/contact my midwife or is this normal?

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I would contact your midwife, if nothing else for peace of mind.


I'd talk to someone too - actually the haematology department would be my first port of call since it might be a bit specialist for the midwife (she has so many things to know about). It's only for peace of mind and it doesn't sound like a problem for the baby but it's worth a call. I've been on clexane and heparin before and now on a similar (dalteparin) and since it hasn't happened before, it's worth mentioning to someone.

Good luck.


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