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help please?

i was told on saturday i was in early labour ans was 1cm dilated and my cervix was very soft, i am still having contractions,some are painful some are not and they are not regular, i am very uncomfortable and frustrated now and want to know whats going on in my body as it is now thursday and the midwife said she would be here this week.

please help :(

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This one is completely outside my experience. If you are concerned and your midwife hasn't visited yet, I'd phone your midwife or maternity assessment.

My understanding is that it can take some time to get from early labour to established labour, so hang in there.

R x


Hiya Hun if it's your first trust me it can take hours. I know it's really uncomfortable and it will become painful but your best off staying at home until you feel like you need some strong medication. That's what I did and when I got to hospital I was 6cm. 5 hours later my daughter was born. But if you have a gut instinct that something just isn't right get yourself to hospital and get checked out. The worst that can happen is they will send you home. Good luck! X


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