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What stage of the pregnancy do you feel the baby move?

Im roughly six weeks pregnant with my first baby and just wondering what to expect and when to expect it. I am due to have my first midwife appointment next week and my first scan around twelve weeks. Im still worried about what my friend said about it being a phantom pregnancy which i explained in a previous question but im hoping that she is wrong as i am getting slight morning sickness have sore and heavy feeling boobs and am getting tired quicker and i do not believe this is all psychological plus i have not had a period and have had three positive test results. I am now focusing on my scan and just keeping my fingers crossed that i am pregnant. Im just wondering what to expect next

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Firstly congrats as it does sound like your pregnant. Maybe you should ask your friend why she is adamant that you are not pregnant?!

You will see your midwife and she will ask for you and babie's dad's history, you will also have blood test taken.

After that you will see your midwife every 3/4 weeks or so.

You might start feeling butterfly type movements between 15-20 weeks not long after or during that peroid you will feel stronger movements.

Wish you the best of luck. X


Thank you. Im trying not to think about what my friend said just bit nervous but should feel alot better after the first scan which will hopefully confirm that i am pregnant. Thank you for answering this is all new to me i know all pregnancies are different but its nice to know roughly what to expect x


I'm now 37wks pregnant & I know what you mean! Up until my first scan I thought I was making it all up! I did 5 digital home tests all positive & my midwife said they are highly reliable which is why at early appointments no ever tests you! I was exhausted first, then sore boobs, no periods! You have all the signs & your concerns at this stage are perfectly normal! Nothing will reassure you most then we you see your baby for the first time at the scan! Each persons pregnancy is different & individual to them! Good luck, it's the most exciting stage!


I am approximately 6/7 weeks also with my 1st child. I tested positive with a box kit and have an appointment this evening with my doctor,i have been told though i will prob be refered to the mid wife! I have extremely sore boobs too and am feeling sickly most days, its not nice! I cant wait to see the scan, just to know everything is ok??? I have no idea what im doing, hence reading as much info as i can ;-)


Thank you for your answers. Im sure everything will be fine although i need to see it on the scan to believe it. Also been having increased vaginal discharge i hope this is normal and already feeling bloated!



I read one one of these questions that within the first few weeks you can start to feel the butterfly effect too which is a build up of gas... lovely isnt it! haha

Unfortunately its not the baby. I can't wait till 15-20 weeks to feel my litte nuget move.

Super excited!

Good luck x


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