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How does a new baby affect your relationships?

How does a new baby affect your relationships?

Relationships often grow and change, and can do especially when you've had a baby, so we've got lots of information and tips on our website to help you navigate the way!

How will pregnancy influence your relationships at work? Our article ‘How do I tell other people at work about my pregnancy?’ outlines what you might need to think about when telling people at work about your pregnancy and suggests ways to help manage the run-up to your maternity leave ( ‘Settling in at work after maternity leave’ provides suggestions on how you can keep in touch with colleagues and your workplace during your maternity leave so you can keep up-to-date with any changes (

Do you have any questions or concerns about sex during pregnancy? Many parents-to-be do and our article ‘Sex and the stages of pregnancy’ outline how you may expect to be feeling throughout the different trimesters of your pregnancy (

Or find out more about it from a Dad's perspective. We have features such as ‘Sex during pregnancy’ and ‘Sex after having a baby’ are written by dads for dads as part of our Dad’s view series ( and

For a bit of fun, take part in our current HealthUnlocked poll which asks 'which relationship change were you least prepared for?'

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