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What to expect when going into labour

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Hi girls me and my partners first miracle baby we still cant believe we will be parents. Anyway what do I expect when going into labour? I'm a little nervous and planning to have natural birth baby always head down and wanting to come out soon 🤣. I'm worried about ambulance as we have not had good experience with them. I spoke to midwife and she said they are good with pregnancy but thing is I dont think they are. Because back when I was 18 weeks pregnant was a scary situation. I was bleeding and thought I lost baby they took ages to come out then we had wait ages to go hospital then when we was finally seen in hospital we was technically in hospital all day and night waiting to be seen. Another thing I'm worried about is bleeding loads when giving birth.

13 Replies
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Hey congrats on your pregnancy. I hope your labour goes well for you. I had a baby 7 months ago. I was induced so had to go in on a set day. So I don't know how it works when you go into labour natrually/spontaneously. I didn't think you call an ambulance if you're going into labour. I might be wrong I've only had one baby. But when it comes to labour I'd say listen to yourself if something doesn't feel right speak up. Midwives are lovely and really helpful. Also listen to what they are telling g you for example I was pushing wrong, so we were not getting anywhere. So midwife had to stop me and explain to push through my bum like you're having a poo. So just make sure you listen to them they know what they are doing. Also be ready to take pain relief such as epidural. But you might not need it like me. It seems scary when you've never done it before but honestly it's not as bad as it seems. And they say you forget it all once you have your baby in your arms and that's true.

Also make sure to eat abd drink even though you may not feel like it. (Don't eat/drink anything if the medical professionals have told you not to)

Lastly all the best you'll both be fine xx

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nikkimatt2019 in reply to Cookies7

Hi congrats and thank u. Baby been engaged for 1 week only way describe atm is baby in pelvic moving head more xx

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Hi, congratulations. I had my baby 7 months ago. I was lucky as my labour was really quick, although I didn't have time for any pain relief. The only advice I can give is listen to your body and go with the flow. They will keep an eye on your blood pressure etc after the birth, so if there are issues you will be supported. You might be better phoning a taxi when you go into labour if you don't have transport, that way you will feel more in control. The midwives will advise you when to go in.

Try not to worry. It's all worth it when you have your baby in your arms. Good luck xx

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I personally would advise anyone having a baby at the moment to give birth on a maternity unit where is access to epidurals, escalations, blood products, doctors etc.The delays with ambulances would put me off having a home birth or midwife led unit. I've had several friends needed to be taken to hospital from midwife led units because of issues and I wouldn't take the chance with how under pressure the ambulance service is at the moment.

Labour is such a weird one, you can have Braxton Hicks and really question if it's labour beginning, but then when you're in labour it's like nothing you've felt before.

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Hi congrats and thank yous. Baby been engaged for 1 week only way describe atm is baby in pelvic moving head more. Feels more weird and I'm peeing more. I was thinking about taxi but some are funny of taking labour mums as they scared car being destroyed or bleed in etc. I personally would rather give birth in hospital but we dont know when baby would come out as possibly baby could come soon. Feels like baby wanting to come out. But I haven't had no mucus or hacent had no real contractions yet. X

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Seb9 in reply to nikkimatt2019

If it's your first baby you'll quite often have contractions for a good while before you're actually in active labour, nct website have some really good information on labour stages, so you should have plenty of time before you need to get to the hospital. Maybe speak to a taxi company and see what their advice would be, they may have seat protectors they could use or even just a cleaning fee if you did make a mess in the car, you could also pack a waterproof cover and towels to sit on so you'd make less mess, but I'd recommend being in the taxi well before the point of needing them. Do you have any friends or family who could be on standby for you, to take you to the hospital or could you ask for volunteers to drive you on your local Facebook community pages?

You could also speak to your midwife about booking an induction or C section so that you have a specific date to go to hospital so that you can arrange transport ahead of time.

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nikkimatt2019 in reply to Seb9

Hi it's just me and my partner we dont have family or friends. But thank u for advice.

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Good morning, normally with your first you’ll have time to get to the hospital. If you’re worried about delays then don’t wait until the last minute to go to hospital. I’d use a taxi rather than waiting on an ambulance. With my first, my waters broke at home and then contractions started. I timed them, when they were closer together I went into hospital. If you can’t get a taxi is there a friend that could give you a lift? X

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nikkimatt2019 in reply to Emdog87

This is my second the first 1 hes in heaven this is me and my partners first baby. But I've had 1 in past and long horrible story the first child happened by abuse.

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Emdog87 in reply to nikkimatt2019

That is incredibly sad. I wish you all the best of luck with this one. When I was pregnant with my second everyone kept telling me your second happens so much quicker but my second didn’t want to come out. I had to be induced, but as soon as they broke my waters she was born within a few hours.

Good luck x

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nikkimatt2019 in reply to Emdog87

Awe thank u. I'm glad you have your second I've heard that as well. Babies know when they wanna pop out. Hopefully all goes well. Xx

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Disposable puppy training pads are cheap and excellent for if you’re worried your waters will break in someone else’s vehicle (or your sofa, bed etc really we had them everywhere!)

If you have high anxiety over this, please ask your midwife (if you’re UK) to refer you to the Perinatel mental health team. They’re excellent and you can access far better support and therapeutic services from pregnancy until your baby turns one. As you have already got a heaven baby I would expect you to have lots of hard feelings to work through after baby is born and you should definitely sign up, especially as your hormones will rage after birth.

Every labour is different. I have precipitous labour (49min start to finish) others will be in labour for days. The best advice is listen to your body, regulate your fears and expect it to not go to plan (as in your birth plan treat it as a wish list not an expectation). Wishing you a perfect happy ever after as your new family.

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I have my first nearly 4 years ago so my memory may be a bit rusty lol.I had contractions for quite a while before my waters broke, I'd say nearly 24 hours, they were manageable just a little uncomfortable, for example I only took 1 lot of paracetamol over that time.

I'd just got up from the sofa to go to the toilet when my waters broke, it wasn't a big gush, just felt like I'd started having a wee lol. I rang the midwifes number and they told me to put a sanitary towel on and if I have to change it in less than an hour then to call back, within 15 minutes it had a bit of blood on so they told me to go in.

When I got there I waited and was then examined, they suggested I would probably be sent home but when they checked I was already 8cm 🤣😂

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