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Due date and baby weight

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Hlo ladies

I have two queries

1. According to USG presently I am 30 weeks pregnant and due date is showing 29th july, 17th july and 26th july(did three USG in different trimester)

But doctor has given 24th June as due date. My LMP was 17th September. Though my period is always irregular. And I and my husband had relation from 13th October.

So confused🤔😕.. What will be my exact due date. Please help me out.

2. And according to USG I am 30weeks pregnant and my foetal weight is showing 1378gram...so is it normal weight of my baby???

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If you go by your last missed period and your cycle being 28 days your due date would be June 24th and 33 weeks pregnant. I used the NHS calculator to check.


If your sure of your dates and cycle length I'd go by those rather than your scans as they can vary due to babies size and positioning.

Maybe check with your doctor as to why you've been given different dates

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Momtob in reply to Seb9

But the conception is very late happened i.e. on 13th October...

And what about my baby weight..??

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Seb9 in reply to Momtob

If you're having scans and they're not concerned about the babies weight compared to your weeks pregnant, then I wouldn't worry about it.

They very quickly picked up on my scans that baby was a small size and that she wasn't growing between scans, so I was induced in case of any growth problems.

I would speak to your doctor about the dates, and scans and see what they say.

Hi Momtob

The baby weight is something you need to ask your doctor or midwife about. They should have told you if the weight is not within the normal range. If they have not said anything about it then it is likely ok.

In terms of the due date, I have a short cycle so my LMP dates were always changed at ultrasound. To be honest it doesn’t really matter because babies come when they want anyway. My first one was 4 days early and my second 9 days late. My due date was changed by a whole 10 days at ultrasound.

The only reason the due date might be important is if you want to avoid a c-section or induction if the baby is late. If you are based in the UK then it is worth knowing that you can choose to wait for the baby and you don’t have to have any intervention if you prefer for labour to start naturally.

Good luck and make sure you use your appointments to ask all the questions you need from your doctors and midwives!

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Momtob in reply to Bigblueskies

Tanq soo much... Sure I am gonna consult my doctor this week

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