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Excess amniotic fluid

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Thank went for my 28 week growth scan today and have been diagnosed with polyhydramnios.

Excess amniotic fluid.

My index is 31.3cm and deepest pool is 8.6cm.

I will be having my glucose test on Wednesday but in the meantime I am very worried, especially reading up about it on internet.

Has anyone experienced this?

Thank you

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Please try not to worry! When I was diagnosed with poly my doctors words were literally “you’re not worried are you?!” I think the way they deal with poly is precautionary but usually the risks are minimal and from what I remember it’s towards the end of the pregnancy they take special interest. Tbh I didn’t mind having poly as I got scans every couple of weeks so I could see what she was doing in there! Fingers crossed for your GTT - I believe there’s no specific reason for the poly sometimes (just how we’re made different). Anyway, I know it’s hard but try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy and don’t let the internet scare you :) xxx

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Thank you so much for your very reassuring and kind reply. Internet has definitely terrified me!!Were you mild poly?


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Ahh you know what the internet can be like!! Yes it started as mild and became moderate towards the end of my pregnancy. There was a LOT of water in there haha. Take care of yourself mummy and try not to worry ❤️ xxx

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I guess I worry that mine is already moderate at only 28 weeks.Could this still go down rather than up?!

I had excess fluid in my pregnancy. I was tested for gestational diabetes but I was okay. I'm on the lager side and was informed baby would be big. When she was born she was 8lb 6oz so not huge. Please try not to worry, the measurements are just a guide and I've heard of lots of mum's being told baby is big only to then be born average size or small.All these tests and checks are amazing and helpful but can also cause extra worry. Hope everything goes well. Xx

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Thank you, I haven’t managed to sleep, eat or work today. I make myself sick with worry!

I just had my baby and I had it. Was tested for diabetes and it was normal mine was 28 and a week after went to 35. Doctor wasn’t worried they confirm baby was big but when baby came out baby wasn’t big. I read all sort on the internet and was really scared but please try not to read anything on internet it’s misleading. My baby is ok and healthy. Good luck and all the best

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Congratulations on the birth of your baby and that’s such great news!I guess U worry that my AFI is already 31 at only 28 weeks

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Thanks you so much. Don’t worry mine was more at 28 weeks and baby is healthy and fine honestly I get so paranoid with a lot of things and scared as I had been trying for 11 years but everything was fine. Dint read the internet it drove me mad. I will keep praying for you take care

I had alot of fluid according to the midwives in the hospital when they popped my waters at 40 weeks + 3 days. I was big, had a big baby too & baby did meconium inside me too so water was brown. They couldn't work out if baby was big or if I had a big baby, turns out I had both


I had it with 2 of my 3 children. The highest they measured was 36 AFI. They could not tell me why either time, and just did a lot of extra monitoring. The fluid reduced to normal amounts by the time they were term and both of my children were born at full term albeit both were "sunny side up presentations" Please don't worry. And like others have said avoid the internet Xx

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Such a reassuring response, thank you!!Your outcomes were definitely very positive.

Ok, I will stop reading all about it on internet now!

Dolly, we’re you just given an AFI figure or a deepest vertical pocket measurement too? Xx

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