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What are your thoughts/ opinions on getting vaccine BEFORE becoming pregnant?

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Hi all, lots of talk and opinions on getting or not getting my the vaccine during pregnancy but I’m interested to know your thoughts on getting it when planning a pregnancy?

I found out I was pregnant before I was able to get the vaccine. I was in two minds about what to do and while I was leaning towards not getting it while pregnant, it did cause a lot of worry and concern about what might happen if I got infected.

That pregnancy did unfortunately end in miscarriage so now I have an opportunity to get my vaccine before becoming pregnant again.

Just wondering if anyone else was in or is in a similar situation or what your thoughts are or if there’s anything to consider around this?

Thanks in advance 💞

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With increasing numbers of Covid cases I had my first vaccination a week before we conceived- I've had my dating scan and all is well. It should not impact fertility . I was really struggling to make a decision on second vaccination- but after speaking to my obstetrician I decided to get it after my first trimester. The risks of Covid in pregnancy are pre term labour and ending up in ICU. I have my 2 year old daughter to consider. I'm hoping the vaccination keeps us both safer. I had Pfizer, I'm so sorry about your miscarriage it is devastating, I've had 3 early miscarriages and a loss at 20 weeks. Xx

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Thanks for sharing, really appreciate that and your kind words. That definitely does give me food for thought Xxxxx

Hi I’m currently pregnant & I’ve been worrying constantly about catching covid especially now I’m in the third trimester, I decided ( so far ) not to take the vaccine during pregnancy because it had taken us 7 years & 3 rounds of ivf to finally get here & at the time of my positive result the vaccine wasn’t be offered in pregnancy.

If I’d have had the chance to have the jab before pregnancy I’d have definitely taken it just to be sure that we had some protection especially now with all the restrictions being lifted it makes us more vulnerable if not having had it

Il be having mine after the birth & hope to avoid covid in the mean time x

Thanks for sharing! Yes I definitely struggled with making a decision while pregnant and definitely had thoughts about wishing I’d gotten the jab first so now I have the opportunity to do so I’m surprised I’m questioning myself. Xxxx

It is a tough decision either way isn’t it & good to have others thoughts on the matter

I also wanted to say I’m very sorry to hear about your miscarriage I hope your doing ok & best of luck for your future pregnancy plans X

It really is a hard choice no matter what, and I understand your predicament too especially if you’ve been a journey to get to where you are. Thank you so much I am actually doing really well and just looking forward to going again! Best of luck to you too Xxxxx

I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage.During pregnancy your immune system is suppressed and you're more at risk (from Covid and everything else) so I'd want to go into a pregnancy with some protection from at least one jab - in your position, I'd definitely get it xxx

Thank you so much. Xxxx

I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage, my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and it's awful.

With the vaccines there have been no fertility issues found so far with the vaccine, the testing in rats during the trials found no issues with fertility, gestation or birth issues. Woman on the trials even got or found out they were pregnant after they rials, so I wouldn't hesitate to get it before trying to get pregnant. Especially as getting covid could make you really ill and affect your fertility or your general health and make pregnancy much harder.

The president of the RCOG has said on their website...

Dr Edward Morris, President at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, said: “We want to reassure women that there is no evidence to suggest that Covid-19 vaccines will affect fertility. Claims of any effect of Covid-19 vaccination on fertility are speculative and not supported by any data.

“There is​ ​no biologically plausible mechanism by which current vaccines would cause any impact on women's fertility. Evidence has not been presented that women who have been vaccinated have gone on to have fertility problems.

Good luck with your decision and fingers crossed for a healthy and happy fertility journey for you xx

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Brandi1234 in reply to Seb9

Thanks so much. Even though logically I knew miscarriage was a possibility I genuinely didn’t think it’d happen to me and I really didn’t think it’d happen on my first.

I appreciate you taking the time to post that it definitely does put me more at ease. I have read up a lot about the lack of evidence suggesting fertility issues and it’s interesting to see so many comments from ladies having the jab in early pregnancy, knowingly or otherwise, as I’m based in Ireland and the recommendation is to wait until 14 weeks for the first jab. However it is reassuring to hear from so many who had their jab earlier without issue.

This does help a lot Xxx

Im so sorry to hear of your loss, I’ve had two miscarriages in the last 14 months and it was devastating for me; I hope you’re doing ok.

I had my first vaccine a few months back and then received my second one just before I found out I was pregnant for the third time. I do feel nervous about getting the vaccine during what may have been conception but what will be will be. I remind myself that some people take heroin throughout pregnancy and still manage to carry to term.

Anyway, I would strongly encourage you to get vaccinated; protect yourself before your body goes through another pregnancy, but of course you ultimately have to do whatever you feel comfortable with. Xxx

Hi, I had my first moderna vaccine whilst trying to conceive. Then had my second vaccine at 8 weeks pregnant. I had a sore arm after the first one but had a few more flu like symptoms after the second one. It was short lived though and settled down after taking paracetamol. I did then test positive for covid a few weeks later. I had a mild fever for one day and a mild cold for a couple of days and then felt better. I’m convinced it I hadn’t of had both jabs, I would have been a lot worse and a lot more ill. I’m near the end of my first trimester and everything seems to be going okay at the moment (touch wood). I would advise anyone whose pregnant or trying to get pregnant to take the vaccine, although obviously it’s a personal choice. Good luck x

Morning, sorry for your loss, I am 36, mother of 14 and 12 year olds. Last august I had my implant taken out and had no signs of a regular cycle. I had my first jab March and second May, few days after the second one I realised my period was late. I am now gone 17 weeks and everything appears going strong.In some ways I’m relieved I did it when I did as it was taken out of hands to debate on what is the right thing. It’s reassuring that I’ve had both though! Good luck and take care


Sorry for your loss. I understand it can be a difficult decision, particularly if you've been through something like this and the fear is there that something could impact your fertility or pregnancy. I am on a few different pregnancy forums and many people got pregnant after having their vaccine, myself included. I had my second at 9 weeks (moderna). Anecdotally many people had been trying for some time and then got pregnant just after their vaccine, which is probably just a coincidence but it doesn't appear to affect fertility at least though there is reports that it can affect people's menstrual cycles (in the same way that stress, weight loss/gain or illness can). If you're particularly worried about having the vaccine whilst pregnant, it would seem best to have it before getting pregnant but I would speak to your doctor about your concerns.

Totally personal choice - I got both of mine in the last few months whilst trying to conceive following discussion with a friend who is a GP. The lady at the vaccination centre asked if pregnant before I got it so discussed it with her - the only reason they ask is so they can track those who are pregnant to get more data. No reason to indicate it will cause any issue with fertility or pregnancy due to the type of vaccine.

Sorry for your loss, I've had 2 within the last year and it is so so hard. All the best for future x

Thanks so much ladies for your kind comments and input. After taking some time to reflect I am scheduled for my first dose today! Looking forward to getting it out of the way and counting down for the second one so I can start trying again. Wish me luck! Xxx

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