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Help! Panicking! 15+5 light spotting


Hello ladies,

Please help I’m panicking! I’m 15+4 and just now while wiping after a pee I’ve seen some very light spotting (see pic).....right before going to the toilet I had some very minor cramping...right now I’m lying on the couch and still having some minor cramping.

I had a scan 4 days ago and baby was well 😭

Why is this happening? What can it be? I’m doing Crinone vaginal gel every morning and this morning while in the shower I removed some residual (like I usually do) and my vag was itching a bit....can this be simple irritation?

I’ve called my midwife and explained but she doesn’t seem concerned and all she said was if it increases called the EPU (thank you very much).

Im really really worried now 😭

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Oh god, bless you. It could be irtitation but who would like to guess its to risky. I'd call Epu if i was you. I had spotting at this stage and all was OK. That doesn't help you though. Get Epu rung hun they'll be more helpful. Test urine etc rule out infection. Check on bubz. Xx

Thanks hun- I rang midwife she said if it gets worse to ring EPU. I’ve just done a check and the paper is clean....have some light cramping that’s worrying me though...have also emailed my clinic (in Russia)....I’m trying to stay calm but I can feel my heart racing 😢xx

Im not surprised hun. Bless you. Any type of bleeding should always be looked at, it annoys me how some midwives, drs can be so laid back and take the wait n see approach it does our mental health no good. Im glad your clear now, the cramping will be worrying. Its so hard, i hope it eases soon lovely. Xx

Hi ToughCookie,

Fingers crossed its nothing. I would contact the Gynae A& E . I had the same issue. Its not been smooth sailing but I ended up suffering in silence then talking to everyone here. So, im glad you are sharing. The Gynae A&E are great, they will check that everything is ok with you and the baby ❤ . Fingers crossed its nothing. Try not to stress. Please keep us updated. Xxx

Oh my lovely, so sorry to hear this! Hopefully just some bleeding from baby growing and nothing serious!! 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

Definitely give 111 a call, they were super helpful with me when I had some bleeding a few weeks ago and got seen quickly. Even using the 111 website says any bleeding should be highlighted to midwife/gp/doctor

Keep strong honey, the fact it’s stopped is also a good thing too xxx

I would ring your EPU to be checked, you will just be worrying otherwise. I had exactly the same on and off from 23 weeks until baby arrived, it was such a worry, I did go in every time to be checked and they could never find a reason for the bleed, I was told that baby could be irritating my cervix and that some women just bleed. Really sorry you are having to go through this, I hope everything is okay x

Thank you all for your replies ❤️🙏🏻I would be lost without you beautiful ladies! My EPU closes at 4pm so I spoke with my private gynaecologist (who has me in care for quite some time)- she re looked at the scan I had on Saturday 13th and said she can’t really see any reason for this spotting having to do with the baby, that may be irritation from the Crinone gel as I’ve been using it for quite some time (since November!) She asked me to switch to Cyclogest rectally for the next couple of days and see how I go...she said she could scan me but doesn’t think it’s necessary so I’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning and if I’m still anxious I’ll have another scan.

Good thing is that spotting has stopped for the last 2 hours now so fingers crossed it was just irritation 🤞🏻🍀

This whole journey has really changed me as a person, I was so confident and sure of my body and my feelings and now I’m a nerve wreck that panics every time something happens 😢 so awful isn’t it?

Love to you all and thank you again ❤️

Evi5 in reply to ToughCOOKIE78

I'm so glad the bleeding stopped. Fingers crossed for you both. Your not alone, I feel the same way when anything happens. If you want to be reassured then go for the scan. Ive just got back from the midwife, she reassured me that they would prefer to be contacted then not when I think something is wrong. Take it easy, lots of big hugs for both 🤗 💙 ❤

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