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Vba2c anyone managed to do it without intervention?


Hi lovelies

Hope your all OK as can be despite the current situation.

Ill try to keep this as brief as possible, im currently 21 weeks pregnant just like some stories on ladies who have had a natural vaginal birth after 2 sections.

My first was 7 years ago and ended in emergency babies heart was decelerating

My 2nd was just over 2,years they inDuced me at 38 weeks "thinking my protein and bp will just get higher" and that it's safest thing to do. That ended it such a traumatic time. took me a long time to get better both physically and mentally. After analyzing my births iv come to the conclusion that my body can labor naturally and that whenever the contractions get brought on by the drip its when problems occur and need to rush to theatre. My first i managed to get to 6cm before they turned up the drip, second induction i wasn't dilating at all couldn't get passed 2 without his heart rate dipping. They turned it off and got me in after the cat 1s and 2s.

Iv got some sort of kidney disease so spill blood n protein but my function is OK. Need to have a biopsy to check whats going on.

Never had preclampsia

My bp has behaved so far if it gets put of control will be put on meds

Im obviously going to speak with the consultants and suggest ig my obs are fine and things are well with baby you please just leave me as long as it takes for baby to come naturally.

I don't react to.surgery well and im.so scared ill have another bowel obstruction due to.the c section. It takes me forever to recover and my support is extremely limited (although hubby has a solution for this, a nanny that could help till im well)

Id just really want to experience natural birth without intervention if my body allows me to do that. Obviously i know things can go either way, i just feel i can do this. If my obs stay good and there's no problem with baby. I know it will be tough trying to presuade drs to let me do this.

Any experiences will be much appreciated.



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Hiya, have you thought about hypnobirthing to help your body relax and go with the flow as much as it can? I found it very relaxing during the late stages of pregnancy as well as helpful during labour. With your past experiences this might also be useful.xx

Thanks hun ill most certainly look into it anything that will help me is worth a go xx

Yes hypnobirthing is fab! Positive birth company do a digital pack that's great and very affordable too, I loved it and I feel it really helped me x

Thank you xx

No advice but I hope everything goes to plan and that you get the birth you want this time xx

Thank you. Hope your all OK xx

Iv contacted a doula and have video call with her this afternoon, hopefully she'll support me with the drs and birth if need be, i feel very strong about this. Excited and the hynobirthing is something ill be doing too. Thanks ladies.xx

I am currently trying for baby number 3, and in the same boat had 2 c sections will want vbac2. So if you get any answers of this is possible would love to hear.

Plenty of research, it's way more common than we think, look into the reasons why your previous sections were done and remember ultimately the decision is yours they can't force us to do something we don't want to do. If your obs and babies are OK there's no reason why not hun. Wish you all the best xx

Thankyou hun my first one was my daughter was double breech and partial abruprion of placenta, 2nd was at 28 weeks contracting and my scar started to rupture 😔 but my babies were close apart, so Hoping that dosent effect my chances! Wish you all the luck hun❤️

Oh bless. So sorry hun. Give it the right amount of time and when you do fall pregnant stress your wish from booking appointment, I'm half way through and will be telling them on the 18th of this month. I might even ring them so they can get the consultant on that day when i go in. Just make sure you've got the knowledge. Im not on Facebook but there is groups on there sharing their stories and helpful info xx

Hey there, I had a csection with my first and then had a vbac with my second. Like you I wanted the opportunity to experience a vaginal birth. With my first I experienced contractions, waters breaking only to find that after 15hrs he was stuck and needed a csection - I felt robbed!I have to say consultant was very supportive of a vbac - I had no other medical concerns though and pregnancy was text book.

The vaginal birth of my second didn’t really go as I’d planned as it was very quick and he was big at 9lb 3oz. I did have a some issues with tearing and needed physio for sometime after but overall I feel happy that I made the decision to do it.

Ultimately I think you have to listen to the medical advice and go with what you feel is best for you xx

Hi hun. Thanks for your reply, sorry it didn't work how you hoped for. can i ask are you petite? Is that why your baby got stuck? I've read that if your babies are less than 7.11 lbs the chances of having a vbac without intervention are much higher my both babies have been 7lb my girl at term plus 5 and my boy 7.8lbs at 38 weeks. This time I'm having a girl so expecting her to be more like her sister. Obviously things can happen and change the situation and ultimately baby arriving safely is the prime outcome. I just feel i know my body and would love to be left alone instead of told this is safest option through prediction instead of whats presenting at the time xx

I’m size 12, sometimes 14 so I’m not really petite. The midwife said he’d just got into an awkward position. He was 7lb 9oz.I measured big with my 2nd at my last 3 midwife appts (all bump) and I was convinced he would be a big baby but not once did anyone suggest a growth scan.

The vbac birth didn’t require any intervention as such but certainly left me needing treatment.

In hindsight I panicked at the vbac as I was convinced he would get stuck like the first and they’d just let me keep pushing for hours. I pushed like a mad woman and he came out so quickly they think that was the cause of my tears.

Like the other posters I think the hypnobirthing sounds good whilst taking into consideration the medical views too.

Hope all goes well for you when the time comes x

Thank you so much for sharing. It was your determination that made sure you got bubu out, i understand bless you. Thank you once again hun xx

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