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Pelvic Pain and Leg Length Discrepancy

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Hi all, not sure if this is the right forum but I can’t find anything anywhere so figured it’s worth a shot!

I’m 20 weeks pregnant with my first child. I have a structural leg length discrepancy (one leg is shorter due to shorter bone length), which means I have an asymmetric pelvis / pelvic tilt. I’ve had some really bad pelvic and lower back pain on both sides recently. Pre-pregnancy I’d have have dull aches or niggles after long walks or exercise. It’s now all the time, sitting, standing, sleeping, bending.. I’m wondering if this is just PGP which I’ve read a little about on here, or whether it’s a complication of the LLD.. is there anyone here who has had similar? Anything that’s helped? Any problems with natural births as a result?

The midwife hasn’t come across pregnancy and LLD and I have my first appointment with the consultant next month. Just looking for thoughts and advice.. Thanks in advance :) x

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It could be either really. All your ligaments get looser in pregnancy so that could exacerbate your leg issues. Are you unable to someone for special shoes to decrease the LLD? I would ask to be referred on to a physio therapist as it's likely to get worse the bigger baby gets. Best of luck!

Thanks for your reply. I used to have a special wedge to put in my shoe and had reviews when I was younger, but that stopped 15 or so years ago. I asked the GP about a re-referral when I found out I was pregnant and experiencing dull aches, they just said to wait until after because of all the changes the body makes. Illogical if you ask me, as I would’ve thought like you said, if anything it’ll be worse in later stages.. I’ll look into a physio referral. Thank you! ☺️

Hi I have a shorter leg with built up shoe I had worse pains on the shorter leg side from about 30 weeks when you start to get bigger. PGP I had but was always worse on the shorter leg, swelling was worse on shorter leg too strangely enough. My baby is now 2 months old and niggles have gone back to pre pregnancy level.

Thanks for your reply! Thanks that’s interesting to hear. I’ve struggled finding any forums or info for this type of complaint.. Glad to hear it’s returned to pre-pregnancy level for you! Did they recommend anything to help with the pain or refer to physio?etc. Thanks again 😊

You are welcome ☺️ professionals just said paracetamol if necessary. No mention of physio. Perhaps you could mention physio to your GP? Sorry can't help further. 😁

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