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Will my husband be allowed to our midwife booking appointment?

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Morning all,

Just wondering if anyone knows if my husband will be allowed to our Midwife booking appointment, which is face to face at our surgery? Not received any letters about it yet and I forgot to ask 🙈

I'm guessing it might be different from area to area?

Thank you x

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Hey... usually for my midwife appointments my husband isnt allowed .. specially if its ur first they ask about well being at home for you in private..for scans it varies it seems area to area.. :)

Hey! Thank you so much for your reply - I'm completely new to this so haven't a clue x

As you say it’s probably different everywhere but when I had mine 3 years ago i didn’t bother having my husband there. It would of been a waste for him to take a day off for it. She basically went through family history which I could answer and it was all stuff related to me and questions about the birth like whether you want to go on labour ward or birth center etc which I think is a bit early to think about anyway lol.

Maybe ring your hospital to ask I’m sure they won’t mind.

Congratulations and good luck 😊 xx

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Thank you for your reply :) It makes sense to me now that he wouldn't need to be there, I'm just totally unfamiliar with how everything works.

Gosh, yes, does seem a little early for that!

Thank you so much :) xx

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Good luck! Such an exciting time 😊 xx

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It really is! Thank you so much 😊 xx

They legally have to ask about well-being at home, domestic violence and what not, and with COVID and the restrictions I couldn’t imagine they’d let you, depending on where you are they’ll let him come to your scans but I’ve not heard of anywhere in the country allowing partners in for any midwife appointment at all, just scans in some places at the moment, it’s also a massive paperwork appointment, there’s no point in him being there if I’m being honest, it’s just family history and urine analysis and maybe some bloods, it’s a long and quite boring appointment xx

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Hi - really appreciate your reply and the info, thank you!

You can probably tell I'm new to this and totally overwhelmed. We're not telling people just yet so it's good to speak with people who can advise!

It now makes total sense that he wouldn't be allowed! Think I'm just so used to years of appointments together at the Fertility clinic!

thanks again xx


My OH wasn't allowed & still hasn't been able to attend midwife appointments!

I imagine it'll be different for each area, but this was our experience


Thanks for your reply :)

Makes sense that he doesn't need to now I have an idea of what's involved!

Thanks so much xx

I had mine on Friday and my partner was not allowed. It was basically paper work and bloods .

My 12 weeks scan is tomorrow and my partner is allowed to come in with me.

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Oh that's excellent news that you're both allowed in for the scan!

Thank you for your reply and lots of luck to you 😊

I had a text for my booking appointment today and asked if OH could attend and he is allowed :) just ask the question.

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Thanks lovely. That's nice he's able to go with you. Good luck! X

I always went on my own. Even before covid with other pregnancies. Its just a load of questions and maybe a urine and blood sample

My husband hasn’t been allowed to any of my appointments so far :( not even the ultrasounds. He had to wait outside. This is due to COVID-19.

We will have a private scan so he can see it too.

Hey. We've decided to book an early reassurance scan at a private clinic as, like you, would really love for him to see it too! Good luck x

That’s nice! Thank you! Good luck to you too :)


Congratulation on the pregnancy.

I just had mine yesterday and the letter specifically said I could bring my husband there. He came with me and she asked him questions as well as me and it was useful for him to hear bits and bobs about screening tests and diet and lifestyle tips and where to give birth etc as he wanted to be involved. I think the letter will probably tell you. I’m based in the North-West of England xx

Morning Ladypii!

Thank you so much for your reply, that's really helpful 😊 so pleased your other half was able to attend with you. We haven't yet received a letter, but hopefully will soon. The appointment isn't until 27th so still some time to go. Gosh it's hard waiting for the next step isn't it?

Many congratulations on your pregnancy and I wish you all the best xx

Our first appointment is next week but over the phone. Also in the North West.

They’ve said my OH can be there but he doesn’t need to be.

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Hey Sprog

I received my letter but it doesn't really say a lot about the appointment, so will just go on my todd as don't really think my husband needs to be there to be honest! It's a face to face at our surgery.

Best of luck to you 😊

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