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35 weeks pregnant & 3 stone weight gain


As it says in title ... 3 stone!!!!! Not going to lie I feel absolutely horrible . I’m hoping others can relate , I know a lot of my friends are saying “oh it’s fluid or blood and it will go as soon baby is born” but honestly I know it’s not fluid , this whole pregnancy I’ve not ate well at all considering how much of a clean eater I was pre pregnancy.

These last few weeks I’m barely managing 4 thousand steps a day and just can’t stop eating junk food which is making me worse.

I just want someone to tell me that it’s going to be ok and I will be thin again :( I know this is silly and there’s worse things going on right now but it’s really dragging me down. Don’t even want to leave the house because I know I’ve ballooned. 8st 10 to 11st 10 . I just can’t get my head around it and it’s all my own fault .

I hope others have felt / don’t the same as me. This was a rant on my behalf and I’m sorry for the poor buggers who is reading this but I just can’t shake the bad feeling away. - No motivation at all and scared if it’s ever going to come back.


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Don't be so hard on yourself. You're doing the amazing job of growing a human being inside you! It won't be forever, try not to worry too much.

Maybe some gentle walks in the fresh air would help you to feel better? They helped me after I had my baby.

Don't beat yourself up about it all, enjoy your last few weeks before bubba arrives x

sugar0202 in reply to gillyl

I do try doing walks but I feel like I’m worrying myself incase I need the toilet so I won’t leave the house ! I know it’s not forever it’s just such a change and struggling to get my head around it ! Thanks for the support honestly it really helps xx

I am 31 weeks pregnant, and was 8.8 stones before pregnancy. I'm 5ft6 so a slim girl. The last time i weighed myself was a month ago and i put on 2 stones! I know average weight gain during pregnancy is anywhere between 2-3 stones, and i know i will be going over the 3 stone mark. Having always been slim and never having an issue with weight, ever, i am a little concerned about weight gain, but i'm just embracing it. After the birth i've made a plan to let my body rest 4-6 weeks and then get a personal trainer to work on getting rid of the weight. It's taken me 3 years to conceive, and i know weight-gain is part of pregnancy, so i'm just embracing it. Also, I can't stop eating junk either! I crave it.

Just make a plan on what you're going to do after pregnancy to lose the pregnancy weight. You never know, you might just spring back into shape. Doubt that i'll be one of those lucky ones! x

sugar0202 in reply to Lilac12

Thanks so much it’s nice to know it’s not just me feeling it! Yes I should embrace it too , I just have this horrible feeling people are going to discuss my weight gain , I really don’t care but then some days it bothers me it’s weird! You’re right I’ve already ordered my waist trainer ready for after my 4-6 week break! Hope you’re managing well in this situation we’re all stuck in ! Xxx

Hi Sweetie,

I know the struggle, I am on a similar position.

Remember, this is temporary. In a few weeks you would’ve lost some of it. Also, being pregnant during this pandemic has increased our anxiety, snacking habits and the only thing we do is to stay at home. You are having a baby through these rough times!. After the baby you will go back to your exercise and clean eating, so don’t worry about not losing it. You will be alright :) Xx

sugar0202 in reply to ramdcg

Thanks so much for the support honestly it feels so nice knowings it’s not just me and you’re right, usually I’d be in work 8-6pm with healthy lunches etc , at home I just can’t stop eating and making the wrong food choices! Yes hopefully it’ll shift when baby is here! - I hope breast feeding helps as selfish as that sounds! If you’re ever struggling or having crappy days like me then please message ☺️ xxx

I totally empathise. I've been paranoid about it all the way through, I'm 25 weeks and put on a stone and a half so worried it will just keep going up. I don't even get how they say you don't need to eat more, I'm starving all the time! And they say you have to eat this that and the other.

As others have said I'm trying to embrace it, although I say that but I weigh myself constantly!

One thing friends have told me to do is plan now for 20 (or whatever you can get) minutes free time after the baby is born every day to do something for yourself. I'm trying to remember that I've lost weight before so I can surely do it again. And I'm trying to make the most of not dieting for the first time ever!

I do a class at 10am every day with happy parents happy baby on Instagram, it does make me feel better.

Good luck with things, it's such a tough time x

I was exactly the same ! I refused to go on the scales until the midwife got me to go on them and now I can’t stop looking! Yes the midwife said to me I should just be eating normal but I’d be starving if I just ate ‘normal’ !! Horrible isn’t it 🙄

Do you have the name of the Instagram handle ? I will try that myself as I have no classes or anything like that here!

Like I’ve said in previous comments if you’re feeling crap ever just send me a message! We seem to be feeling the same so hopefully can help eachother out! And you are so right ! Embrace it and worry about it when we have to I guess ! Xxx

This is the insta handle @happyparents.happybaby. I defo found it more motivating to have a live class to join and it's only half an hour which suits me fine! I've also been doing April Long's prenatal pilates videos which are even shorter. I find them quite hard though!

Thank you and I will! I feel like there's so much we care more about than we should. I really don't know how to stop that though. This forum defo helps! x

Try not to worry too much, I’m also fairly slim normally (I weighed 9st4 before pregnancy) and gained nearly three stone in pregnancy; I found I gained less in the last month though. I’m now 20 weeks post partum and back to my pre pregnancy weight!! I ensured I did light exercise in the end of my pregnancy; stretches, walking etc. and once baby was born have been eating healthily, started training again as soon as I could (carrifit baby wearing videos on YouTube, Hanna Oeberg on Insta and Jess Ennis Hill app), baby wearing and breastfeeding have all helped it go quite quickly but steadily. You’ll be amazed how much goes once baby is out and how quickly just being a mum shifts it! My advice is create a freezer stash of healthy meals so you don’t fall into the takeaway trap when booboo is here.

You’re doing an amazing job, give your body a break for now and let it work it’s magic xx

sugar0202 in reply to Zobot84

Thanks so much for the message , the freezer meal preps are such a good idea I’m going to start planning them to lift my mood!

And that’s nice to know you’re pre pregnancy weight in such little time , I’m just panicking I think and overthinking - I have nothing else to do being stuck in the house!

I’ve just followed your suggestions on Instagram too thank you so much xxx

Zobot84 in reply to sugar0202

I really feel for you stuck at home 😢 try and relax as much as you can; it’s true what they say you won’t get much chance when little one arrives!

I found prepping meals made those first few weeks so much easier. I was eating porridge with fruit most days to give me energy and help with feeding and my freezer stash took the stress out for me and hubby and meant I could focus on the important things like snuggles!! Good luck xx


I have had 2 previous pregnancies and pregnant again. The 1st I ate what I felt like and did limited exercise and put on 3stone.. The second I exercised and tried to eat better but still ended up putting 3 stone on. Both babies we're 4ib 8 and 5ib 6 so tiny 🙈 I just think some people carry big and some small. I lost the weight with both of mine, it wasn't really hard it just meant eating more sensibly and going for brief walks with the baby. I'm pregnant again and with the 3rd one on the way I just keep thinking I be too busy to eat once the baby comes haha. Honestly, enjoy it and relax d

sugar0202 in reply to Natasha213

Thanks so much for the message, so nice to know it’s not just me going through it , and yes will start my walking again , it’s amazing what our bodies can do but horrible what our brain makes us think at the same time 🙄 xxx

Don't give yourself a hard time. It can be hard to eat healthy during pregnancy, especially if you feel crappy and all you can face is comfort food. And God knows we've all been eating our feelings these last few months!!

Everything is going to be ok and you will be slim again!! A lot of the weight isn't even you and after the pregnancy it will go naturally. Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories too - which is why your body stores up fat during pregnancy. Don't push yourself too hard with exercise, eat reasonably well and your body will sort itself out, especially if you're breastfeeding. Not long now till your little one arrives xxx

Thanks for the message , and that’s interesting to know with the breastfeeding part , hopefully (in a selfish way) I’ll be able to breastfeed so I can shift the weight quicker! But yes that makes sense why the body stores fat.

And yes horrible time at the minute , no routine = eat everything it feels !!



Don’t panic! I was 8 stone 9lbs before I fell pregnant. I put on 3 stone by 35 weeks...felt huge, struggled to get around, couldn’t exercise, blowing out my @r53 climbing a few stairs....yuck! I’d never been more than 9 stone 2lbs in my life so it was totally alien. Plus my legs, ankles and feet! blew up like balloons so I couldn’t wear anything other than flip flops

Fast forward to 10 months post partum and I was back to my pre pregnancy weight. I didn’t do an awful lot other than breastfed, ate reasonably well (certainly better than during pregnancy when I ate what I could as I had morning sickness til week 37), and went for walks. My little boy is now 11 months and I’m 8 stone 4lbs....weight has dropped off from chasing around after my now crawling little boy 😂

Try not to worry, it’s taken 9 months to grow a whole human! THAT is amazing! I accepted it would likely take as long to allow my body to revert back anywhere close to what it was, and that helped me relax about it a lot more. Just eat sensibly afterwards and move more when you feel able to and you’ll likely return to the same/similar size; especially if you’ve always been slim.

Just to add, I’m 41 so was sure the whole age thing would work against me with the weight loss. Now I’m trying not to lose any more or I’ll start looking old 😂


To add, I lost almost a stone just from the birth. The other 2 stone came off slowly over the following months.

Good luck with your birth. And enjoy your baby, forget about the weight for now and just enjoy getting used to being a mummy x


Hi Hun,

I can totally relate...ive out on even more than you with my 4th bub (12 year gap between my last one). I did put on weight with all my babies and I got myself back to very slim and fit so I know I can do it again. Hormones take over our bodies and if you’re needing to eat junk atm (try to eat healthy first then junk lol) then just go with it. Making a human is incredible and there will be time to lose your weight after bub is here. You haven’t really put on too much...bubby will be half of that. Just try to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and know that yes, you will be healthy and mean agdin after! My bubby is 10 weeks old and I’m two dress sizes up from what I usually am. I’ve been in disbelief at how much weight I’ve put on but as hard as it’s going to be...I’ll lose it. My eating habits have gone back to normal, no more big cravings thankfully. But they do say you won’t lose much weight until at least 3 months post baby as hormones need to settle. Also...no one has judged me, everyone tells me “you’ve just had a baby”....at least we have an excuse! I know lots don’t put on weight but we are all different and my doctor told me, my body goes into fat storing mode when I’m pregnant more so than others. It’s doing what it think it needs. Just relax and when your baby arrives...you’ll know it was all worth it. You will get your body back (may not be the same but it’s produced a human and remember, many don’t get this miracle). All the best and don’t beat yourself up! I’m trying to do the same! Xx

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