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Blood clots weeks after giving birth

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I've been to A&E twice bc of this and nobody can find any thing wrong and was wondering if someone in here had had the same experience and can help me understand what's going on.

I gave birth to my daughter 5 weeks ago. 2 weeks after the delivery my bleeding (lochia) was almost over and i was bleeding very little and it was brown blood. Suddenly that week i started to pass big-ish blood clots and bleeding heavily and bright red blood fir around 1 hour. Called the hospital and they told me to go to a&e. I had to spend 5 hours there with my then 3 weeks old (I'm EBF and hadn't started to pump yet) in a horrible atmosphere with a drunk guy getting violent with the staff in the middle if the night. Horrible night for all and they didn't find anything wrong and no signs of infection. Still they prescribed antibiotics which I took. 19 days later again same thing in the middle of the night with bigger blood clots. A&e again for 6 hours and they didn't find anything. Got checked by gynecologist and everything seemed fine so they referred me fir a scan the next day in case there was any placenta or membranes still inside. They didn't find anything in the scan. A week later (today( same thing except not that much blood and not that many clots. I really don't want to go to a&e again with my baby (or without for that matter(. Anybody has had a similar experience and know what's going on or can advise how to get checked without the terrible experience of a&e?

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I didn't have big clots, but I did have the odd day where the bleeding became heavier out of nowhere- coincided with a particularly long feeding session (breastfeeding also). My midwife warned it could happen. Have you been discharged from your midwife yet?

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Hi! Thanks a lot for your reply. I was discharged after 2 or 3 weeks as everything was fine back then so not sure I can still contact them. I might send them an email but I think they'll probably say to go to a&e. Now that you mention it, it does happen during night feeds. The blood clots scare me the most though bc the bleeding although pretty heavy, only lasts around an hour.

I have my 6 week gp appointment next week, hopefully it doesn't happen again before then cos the big clots are a bit scary as it doesn't look like it's just blood...

Ohh that doesn’t sound right my mum had big clots but was not that long after birth and there was placenta left in luckily my granny took her to hospital after the dr said she was fine. I think your going to have to keep at them until it’s resolved mention it again at your 6w appointment.

Hi I had a very similar experience 6 weeks after I had my son it scared me as the clits I passed were huge finally found out after several hospital visits that part of the placenta was still inside and had given me an infection after 7 days antibiotics I was fine

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Thanks a lot for your reply and so sorry you had a similar experience. I took antibiotics for 6 days but then passed clots twice again since... did the placenta just come out on its own with no interventions? Is that what the clots were?

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Emilylouise- in reply to QT314

Yes it actually all passed on the first day of me taking antibiotics they weren’t round clots they were more flat and almost like jelly but the pieces were large one was bigger than my hand it petrified me as iv never had that happen before and iv got 5 children hope they get it sorted for you have they done an internal scan??

So sorry this is happening. This also happened to my sister. She was told that after birth her uterus was supposed to contract back to size and hadn’t done so hence the bleeding. Are you sure that your uterus is closing?

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Hi, thanks a lot for your reply. Do you know why that happened to your sister and how did they cure it? It could be that that's happening to me too since I was told I'd have some pain in the weeks after delivery due to my uterus contracting but I rarely felt anything. Only when I passed the clots I started to feel my uterus contract as if there was something in there that hadn't allow my uterus to have those contractions...?

She was never sure why it happened. Apparently it just happens to some women. They ruled out infection or left over placenta and gave her an injection to help the uterus contract. Pictocin or oxytocin (not sure correct name). The same thing that can induce contractions in labour. She was fine after that. Hopefully this is what’s happened if nothing else is making sense and you can be treated soon...x

I had the same thing with my first everything seemed fine bleeding had stopped and the on and off I had big clots around the size of golf balls and lots of blood. I had multiple scans no placenta was found eventually about 8/9 weeks after I had my son it just stopped they never found a reason for it and it didn’t happen when I had my second baby. Hopefully it will stop soon but don’t hesitate to keep pushing you know your body better than anyone else. Good luck xxx

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Thanks a lot for your reply. It makes me feel a bit more calm knowing that it has happened to other people and now you're totally fine (although I'm sorry it happened to you).

Hi, just an update in case someone one day has the same issue. It's been now 9 weeks since I delivered. I haven't had any more blood clots in around 4 weeks and the bleeding stopped 3 days ago, hopefully for good. Whatever it was that was happening seems to have sorted itself out.

Thanks again to those who replied for being so lovely and sharing your experiences xx

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Tiddly1984 in reply to QT314

Nice to know you’re ok...x

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