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Induced labour

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I’m currently 40+2 and have been in and out of appointments this week to determine the size of the baby. Midwife was concerned his growth has tailed off but the growth scan showed quite the opposite and that he’s currently slightly above the 90th centile line.

They offered a sweep at my 40wk app which I declined but after the scan they talked about possible induction after my 41wk scan if he hasn’t come naturally by then, due to his size.

I’m just wondering what experiences people had of being induced? I know everyone is going to be different so will still keep an open mind but things I’ve heard and have been reading don’t fill me with hope - contractions being more intense and mother needing painkillers, traumatic labour (I guess because baby isn’t ready to step into the world) etc etc.

Just reading up on the options so I fully know what to expect next week should he still be sitting cosy and just wanted a bit of advice if poss!

Hope everyone is well xx

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Hello! I am 42 years old and currently 40+6. I have been into hospital twice this week for a checkup and scan. They tried to do a sweep both times but the cervix isn't low enough. They did discuss induction and gave all the facts. Initially they will try the pessaries. They are like flat tampons apparently, and if all well and you live within 30 minutes of the hospital, you can go home. Fingers crossed for us both that we go soon! Xx

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Ohh I’ve been thinking about you and wondered how you were getting on. Was given a leaflet about inductions and there seems to be more negatives than benefits 😞

Hoping your little one starts to make their way into the world soon! Fingers crossed! Xx

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Our midwife here told us that in france the normal gestation is 41 weeks, then they give 10 days. My lo seems to be quite happy so I am holding off. But the earlier induction actions seem to be not too bad. Weighed against the fact that each day the wee one grows that little big bigger. X

I was induced at 41+4 and it wasn’t the worse thing in the world but I haven’t got anything to compare it to.

However after being so anxious through pregnancy due to IVF, previous miscarriage and bleeding in that pregnancy I just wanted her here safe and sound. The only problems I really had was that no one listened to me so make sure you speak up (although not easy when in labour). I ended up having an emergency c section which wasn’t as bad as I’d read/heard either xx

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I’m so sorry to hear that! Glad you’re little one arrived safe in the end. Was it just because you were overdue they offered induction? Xx

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Yes it was. I had a sweep at 7 days overdue and booked in for induction at 10 days. I think that’s normal practice in my area. She was born the following day.

It was painful I won’t lie but who knows if that’s my pain threshold or not. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. You are in charge xx

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Oh and she ended up being 10lb 1oz (no idea she was gonna be that size) so don’t know if that was a factor in my c section as well xx

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Ok, thank you for the info 😌 xx

I’m also a bit apprehensive about induction, and my consultant says she will induce me as a matter of course, between 39 and 40 weeks. I think they worry about placental problems if you go too far past your due date. People say it’s more painful than natural labour, but if you don’t have anything to compare it to then I don’t see what difference it really makes. In the end, you just want to baby to arrive safe and sound. I hope your little bean decides to make an appearance soon!

My first was natural and my second was induced early as my LG was measuring small. I would try to avoid as much as possible lol. It took me 5 days after the pessary to have waters broken by midwife as was only 2cm. Contractions are a lot more intense but she came a lot quicker once things waters broke.

Everyone’s experiences are different and many of the other mums started labour a lot quicker than me (I think as I was only 36 weeks and everyone else was full term) but I did managed with just gas and air, I think only as she came within 2 hours starting otherwise I would of had more pain relief.

I hope little one comes soon and you don’t need to have the induction. Xx

I was induced in the end at 43 weeks. I completed the hypnobirthing course and the midwife that ran it was fab and really supportive. Some European countries have longer gestation periods at 41weeks.

I ended up needing all intervention in the end when I didnt want any. Didnt have my first intervention at all until 41weeks. Then had sweeps and acupuncture for 2 weeks before having to be induced. I ended up needing an emergency c section at 43 and half weeks due to having water broken and drip and still no progression she was in 98th percentile when born and was nearly 10pound. I wouldn't change it for the world. My contractions were strong near 200toco throughout due to being induced and ending up on the drip. We didnt end up having the natural birth we hoped but I did last without drugs other than paracetamol up until I had my section so cant have been that bad.

Ask for acupuncture (which trained midwives can deliver to bring on labour) help progress me to 2cms over the course of the treatments and very relaxing (coming from someone that hates needles and was as nervous as hell)

Good luck hun and remember its a wonderful experience being in labour whatever intervention you need. Go with the flow and try and enjoy the ride, leave the trained professionals to the worrying oh and the OH.

All 3 of mine were induced:

- at 40+10 (drip after broken waters but no progression)

- at 40+9 (drip after suspected broken waters but no progression)

- at 40+12 (pessary for being overdue)

I managed on gas and air for all 3, but it was painful. They were all pretty long labours and the pushing was really tough - 2 .5 hours, 2 hours and 1 hour. But they all came out and they are gorgeous little boys.

Induction is manageable but it does cut down your options, particularly if you end up on a drip. If you’re on a drip, you’ll be in consultant led care and strapped to a drip and monitor. It’s much more difficult to move about and have more natural birthing positions, so you will need to prepare for pushing for them. Most midwives will do what they can to help you, but sometimes all positions and walking about may not be open to you.

With the pessary, the contractions started almost immediately and were very strong, so I never left the hospital. The plan was for me to have a pool birth in the midwife suite. However, baby #3 had other ideas and his heart rate dropped with every contraction so we ended up with consultants again. In fact, they ended up having to slow my labour down in the end.

Good luck - whatever happens you will very soon have your baby. The more you know and the better prepared you are, the more in control you’ll feel even when things don’t go to plan x

We found our info about inductions via The Positive Birth Company. We feel confident knowing a bit more info and they have some really good strategies and thoughts on choosing the best option for YOU (as in not what is convenient for the midwife). The statistics say that something like only 5% of babies come on their due date and something like 85% arrive after (please double check for real facts!).

As Camilliage said, I also heard that in France, your due date is 42 weeks which also means most babies are 'early'.

Good luck!

Hi, I’ve had 7 children, currently 35 weeks pregnant with baby no 8. I’ve never gone into labour naturally, had every form of induction. I’ve delivered 3 with gas and air, 3 with epidurals and 1 with a spinal block as he was an extracted breech. I had to have 2 with epidurals because of complications and I delivered in theatre in case I needed an emergency c-section. If it’s your 1st baby it may well be longer and more painful, but I think 1st babies usually are. My waters have never gone naturally, having your waters broken can be a bit uncomfortable. The best advice I can give is just relax and go with it. The more you tense and worry the more painful it’ll be. I would strongly advice having the sweep as it will make everything more favourable for further induction if needed. Good luck, it won’t be as bad as you think, you’ll have your beautiful baby at the end of it xx

I was induced with baby number 3 in January. I was terrified because I could only find negative stories. I found that it was much better than my other two spontaneous labours.

It takes some time to get going but the contractions are no different to normal. The drip, if you need it, makes the contractions a lot more controlled. Don’t worry, honestly I was an absolute anxious wreck because of all the horror induction stories I’d read, it is absolutely fine 😊

I had 3 sweeps with my first as I read negative stories about induction. 2 we're not favourable but the 3rd one worked and I had a natural Labour next day.

A sweep can get things going without having an induction. I'd say try having sweeps first. Good luck with whatever you decide. X

I’m expecting my first so no experience of inductions to share. All I would say is don’t forget that you don’t have to agree to an induction. If all signs show baby and you are doing well you can decline the procedure and then they will increase how frequently you’re monitored. It’s likely consultants/midwives might not like this and will try to influence your decision, but it is YOUR decision.

It’s worth looking at the NICE guidelines around induction so you’re well informed.

As someone has said above, only 4-5% of babies come on their due date. Anything up to 42 weeks is considered ‘normal ‘ gestation.

Ultimately it’s about weighing up the pros and cons / facts and figures and deciding what feels right to you. At 37 weeks my consultant suggested I could have a sweep when I next see him at 39 weeks (all signs so far is that everything is well). When I asked why I would do that when there was still time left for baby to cook fully he couldn’t really give an answer, he seems more anxious to get this baby out than I am! Provided all is well (which is my absolute priority) I will be politely rejecting offers to speed things along.

The most important thing I feel I can do for my baby now is rest, remain calm and do what’s needed when it’s needed and not before.

I was induced with the drip as my waters went and I didn't go into labour within the window they allow. Yes it impacted on my experience of labour, it was intense, and I went from zero to back to back contractions within a few hours and I progressed from tens, to gas and air to epidural as a result. That said my labour was quick (first baby) and I do not view it as traumatic. Baby was not affected, I was monitored throughout and her heart rate stayed sound, and it definitely has not put me off doing it again. I was sick with anxiety knowing I was going to be induced, and I know everyone is different as are their experiences and this is just mine, but I'd urge you to not worry, trust the midwives and your body (we are born to do this) and needing more pain relief than you would like doesn't take away from your experience or make you "weak" in anyway. This is your journey and is unique to you and at the end, when baby arrives nothing that came before even matters anymore.. good luck, you've got this!!

Hi I was induced with my son at 42 weeks he was 9lb 2 born and it was ok until they thought his shoulders were stuck at the end and had to yank my legs onto stirrups and had to be sutured after I found the pain wasnt so bad as had an epidural and gas and air so overall being induced wasnt that bad but then I had my daughter 5 weeks ago i wasn't induced but had my waters broke for me and didn't have any pain relief other than gas and air and the coach reactions was just as intense as with my son and the pain again felt just the same although my daughter was 7lb 11oz so smaller than my son I felt it was just the same pain as when I have my son. Hope it goes well for you 😀 and I hope this helps a little.

I was induced due to IVF and baby looking a bit on the large side. I made the decision after a discussion with my consultant and a lot of consideration.

To cut a long story as short as possible, I went in to hospital at 38+4 and had 2 pessaries and a gel (24hrs each, not allowed to go home with them in). Cervix was still not favourable to have waters broken so went home to rest for a couple of days. Returned for the same procedure. After another 2 pessaries and a gel, dilated about 1-2cm but went home again before returning to have waters broken and drip.

By this time it was actually my due date. Started drip about lunchtime, contractions ramped up within a couple of hours, baby born 11pm on his due date.

Yes it was painful but I managed it on gas and air & TENS machine with my hypnobirthing breathing techniques. No screaming or shouting, no IV painkillers or epidural (this was my one main birth preference - I really did not want an epidural).

I ended up with episiotomy and ventouse delivery as baby wasn’t coming out after a couple of hours pushing and was getting a bit distressed (looking back I think the team might’ve been more worried than they let on) but in the scheme of things this was and I think better than tearing and I just wanted baby to be safe.

It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I do look back on it as a positive experience and consider myself lucky, although the fact that the whole process started at 38+4 and he was still born on his due date does make me wonder whether it was all really that necessary.

Hope that helps a bit? Hope you’re not waiting too much longer now! xx

Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences.

I had a consultant appointment today (I’m 41 wks today) and he didn’t seem concerned about the baby’s size at all. Quite happy to let me go on to see if he’ll arrive naturally and even past the 42 week mark but be monitored daily.

Have booked an induction in for Tuesday next week with the option to cancel it if we change our mind. Hoping he’ll make an appearance naturally soon but conscious how much they grow daily at this stage 😱🙈 xx

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How did it go?

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Hmm not to plan! Started labour early Tuesday am so got to hospital but wasn’t induced until Wednesday at 8am... failure to progress and pre eclampsia meant an emergency cesarean at 00:32 Thursday morning. 15 days over! 🙈

Thanks for sharing

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