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Nightwear for hospital following C-section

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Hi everyone

We are due to have a C-section next week and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for nightwear. As we are due a heatwave(!) something cool would be good, plus I was wondering about pyjamas rather than a nightie to make breastfeeding easier, but pyjamas may not be so good for the C-section wound...

If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated!

Thanks for your help 😃 x

15 Replies
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I wore nighties after my c section, pyjamas are okay, but just buy larger sizes so goes over your wound, the same as knickers. I lived in leggings for about 4 weeks, just make sure all bottom wear is well and truly over wound. Also put a pad over your wound, gives extra protection.

Message me, if you would like too have any more information x

I would say nighties as you don’t want anything touching your wound. Big big pants as well xx

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I wore nighties with button up front x x x

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I’d suggest nighties to, you don’t want anything catching/pressing on your wound x

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I wore pyjamas just made sure the bottoms were stretchy so they went High (think Simon cowell 😂) I was completely comfy and would wear the same again ☺️ Xx

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A strappie nightie that’s stretchy (mine were primary). Size up. Or just a stretchy crop top and massive pants as it’s so hot. Will allow for plenty of skin to skin as well, then cotton dressing gown for going to the loo. Take a hand held fan. I also had a cooling mat (it’s designed for dogs 😂) but it was great to lie on.

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You’ll have a catheta in so a nightie would be better. You can buy nursing night wear. I bought a couple of bits of the below website which were cheap but fine. Still using them nearly a year on

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Nightie with button front. Catheter is there for a while. And I second the comments above. Big high rise granny pants are essential. Get 2 or 3 sizes above. And be prepared that belly doesn't go down immediately. Would disagree with an earlier comment about putting a pad over the wound though. Once the dressing is removed, much better to air it out to promote healing.

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Nighties are cooler as really hot in the hospital this time of year. Also a thin dressing gown for when you are up and about and have your catheter removed as you will need to visit the toilet, and don't forget some slippers.

My hospital said nightie as you will have catheter in. Good luck x x

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A button or strappy nighty would be ideal. And yes, them big knickers are the ones! Once the catheter is out you could do a short pj set, just size up so it doesn’t sit across your wound, but I avoided these until this week (6weeks post surgery) but that’s coz I’m funny like that!

I also agree, let the wound air once you’ve removed the initial plaster. Day to day I am still living in leggings or dresses. x

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Thank you all so much for the really helpful tips. Have stocked up on nighties and granny pants! Also bought a hand-held fan which I’m using right now 😂 Hope you’re all managing to keep yourselves and your little ones as cool as possible! X

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I feel for you! You must be suffering so much in this heat. My LG was born in February and I suffered enough with that with swollen ankle and hot moments!! Xx

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Yeah today hasn’t been the most fun...! My feet/ankles are sooo massive. Have been sat with them up with cold flannels on, oh the glamour... 😂 Typical that I’ll be having a baby during the week of a heatwave! Just need to keep fingers crossed they go down ASAP after we have the baby! Hope all is going well with your daughter! X

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Well I had my swollen ankles a good few weeks after my c section so in the middle of winter wasn’t great. I just had to wear my roomy ugg boots all the time. I hope it’s not too hot for you when baby is born as it’s horrible trying to keep them cool. I hated it last year during the heatwave xx

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