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Does bad eating really have a negative effect on baby??


I've just had the most wonderful day celebrating my lovely niece's 1st birthday! But I feel like the whole day I have just eaten complete and utter much cake, crisps, and sweet stuff, surely this is not good for baby as I even feel sick myself! Not had one piece of fresh fruit or veg all day, so now having an apple and orange for my supper as a little attempt at healthy! Eekk! 😬😜

Does anyone else do this and then worry loads thinking that they may have done some damage to the developing organs? Does anyone know if treat days can have a negative impact, or would it be more long-term ongoing bad eating habits that would cause more damage? I feel like I was sooo good and healthy for the 3 months prior to egg collection for IVF and just lately it all seems to have gone by the way side and I feel like I'm letting myself and baby down. Sorry this appears to be just a moan, but do other people do this and then worry immensely?! 😩

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Hiya. I think a treat every now and then isn't going to hurt as long as you get all the goodness most days then you will be fine. I had craving for greasy food so had a breakfast once a week. Now I cant stomach it and have gone on to sweet food 😉

You will be fine having the odd bad day. I’m not a great eater anyway but felt really bad if we had a takeaway but deep down I knew it wouldn’t have a bad effect on the baby so I know how you feel. You just have to try and remember there are much worse people out there who do all sorts when pregnant xx

I wouldn’t beat yourself up about having a day of eating bad, the baby will take everything they need to develop whatever you eat.

During my first trimester I could barley keep a meal down let alone any vegetables and at my 20 week scan on Friday they said everything was normal xx

I had bad nausea through my whole pregnancy so ate what I fancied, definately didn’t get my 5 a day but did take prenatal vitamins, I have a healthy 6 week old daughter who weighed 8lb 5oz at birth (even though I’d lost weight) so I wouldn’t worry too much especially if it’s just the odd day slip for you 😊

In a word, no :)

I have had such bad sickness all I’ve eaten is rubbish for months in all my pregnancies. Some women can barely keep anything down for 9 months. Staying hydrated is more important than anything else.

The baby takes all the vitamins etc it needs. It’s only the mum who feels any effects! Pregnancy is the best excuse to eat whatever you want! X

I think one day will be fine we all deserve a treat.

I was horrendous through out my whole pregnancy everytime I tried to eat veg or fruit I was sick.

Baby obvisouly enjoyed chocolate ha

I barley ate first/second trimester then my third it was all takeaways and unhealthy food because the sight of a salad would literally make me wanna hurl! I wouldn’t say it has an affect on your baby as my daughter is perfect weight and loves her food and really happy! We’re all entitled to treats too! Especially when there’s two of you!

Hope this helps xx


When I was pregnant with my daughter I ate what I wanted to, had a McDonald's at least once a week and she's a perfectly healthy and happy child, no allergies and is barely ill and I didn't breastfeed neither, don't be so tough on yourself! Xxxxxxxxxx

Thank you so much all you lovely ladies! You've all really reassured me, and reminded me to stop worrying so much! I think because I was so strict on myself and my diet/lifestyle to get to this point, that it's hard to relax it a bit! But you're all absolutely right, and I need to give myself a break! Think I might treat myself to KFC for dinner! Hehe! 😉👍🏼 Best wishes to you all for wonderful Christmases all round xx

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