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This ones a little more question related


I feel like I’m over exaggerating little things at the moment I’ll be lying in bed feeling a little something like someone would say a movement? Flutter or twinge feeling, my family nurse said everything will start becoming more noticeable now and to start rubbing and talking to my belly as it helps baby’s brain develope I know a few people that are pregnant around me and I don’t know I know everyone is different but I feel like I’m being stupid due to their experiences

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This is the only time you can have quietly with your baby. Talk to him/her and play classical music for brain development. Also your baby ca hear you so try to be peaceful

Yeah my family nurse said this I just feel weird because some people are saying it’s too early ect ☹️

mrsdala in reply to Lilmossy

Ignore those people. Enjoy your pregnancy, it's never too early to start talking to it!

I've been talking to my bump since I found out at 5 weeks! Sometimes it just helps to remind me that it's real lol xx

Lilmossy in reply to mrsdala

I do but gets u down I don’t want to feel like I’m in competition all the time because it’s not at all about that

It’s never too early to start showing affection towards your baby.

The first few movements are subtle because you don't know whatto expect, but in due time you'll totally know. Give it a few weeks if you're only feeling flutters. Don't worry about it either, it will all come and you'll miss those little kicks once the baby is born :)

Lilmossy in reply to Kempton

It’s like I’ll have a twinge then I’ll suddenly feel sick, they said at my 12 weeks scan that baby is having a party just bouncing around in the amniotic fluid which explained my terrible sickness. So anytime I feel like a washing machine in my stomach or a twinge I’m guessing it’s the little one floating about 😂

Kempton in reply to Lilmossy

How far are you? But seriously, it's all coming for you, the daily pattern of kicks and tummy bulges. Don't worry about what you read about other people's experiences. We are all different and so some don't feel for ages, while others feel it super early.

Some of my strongest kicks were when lying in bed at the end of the night or in the early hours.

Lilmossy in reply to Kempton

Well scan from my private paid say 17 n the hospital say 16 I can’t wait till she’s kicking cups of tea off my belly! X

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