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HCG 4200 but can't see anything in ultrasound


Yesterday had a blood test today the doctor told me the result but she said that it is either ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage because the hcg is high . Tomorrow l will go again for blood test to see the progress. I am afraid and sad l want this baby so much .

I had spotting and cramping in Tuesday night that was why l had scan but the woman said that it is maybe too early to see something that l can be less that 5 weeks pregnant but now the hcg is high :(

Did someone went through this?

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Today l had the second blood test the results are good the doctor said that it had doubled and we will do another scan on monday

The doctor thinks that its ectopic pregnancy but on monday it will be Clear

Just had New hope than noticed that l start pink spotting l hope everything will be ok in the end

I don’t have much to add but didn’t want to read and run xx wishing you luck for Monday xxx

Cavendis in reply to lianm8

Thank you very much xxx

Fingers crossed that it's good news for you hun xx

Hope everything is ok for you today hun x

Hello everyone there are no words which can explain my happiness thank you all love you all xx

Today the doctor saw 7mm gestational sac and a tiny tiny yolk sac she said l am 5 weeks pregnant now and it's not an ectopic pregnancy for now everything seems on OK

I could fly if l had wings .. l was so hopeless because the doctor who examined me on Friday was very certain l asked her few times l said maybe everything will be OK in the end but she every time answered sorry it is clear now for me but let's wait and now it's like a miracle it is that God was with me all the time heard my prays and helped me l am so grateful so happy

I read thousand posts even from 2004 year so if there is someone reading this now or after a long time please do not lose hope God is with you

I hope for everyone happy and healthy pregnancy if you cry may this be only from happiness

Glad things are progressing lovely congratulations hun. Hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy 💝😘

SilkeP in reply to Cavendis

Very relieved to read this - I went through an ectopic pregnancy in January and don't wish it on anyone. All the best!

Major2116 in reply to Cavendis

Yay! Congratulations! I had everything crossed! So happy for you! Wishing you and your baby all the best! xx

Sisi14 in reply to Cavendis

Aw congratulations my lovely so so happy for you! Some of these professionals should be in this line of work I had a vile one last year!

Wish you all the best and a happy 9 months xx

So happy for you! Wishing you n baby all the best xx

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