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Help me

Okay I’m so worried, so December 15 I had my last period, which my periods have been regular. So come January nothing comes I missed it but when my period was suppose to come it was light spotting and brown discharge and then it went away. so on Jan 24 I went to Urgent Care they did a test it was negative. Now it’s the beginning of February and still nothing, According to my last period if I am I will be 8 weeks and 1 day. Can someone please help me? A few weeks ago I was throwing up everything I ate, sleepy, now I’m having bad headaches, heartburn, diarrhea (only a little) cry a lot for nothing really, I also burping a lot... What do y’all think?

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Sounds like a lot of pregnancy symptoms to me! Have you asked for some bloods to be done by the doctors Hunni or a scan to check your ovaries etc ? Hope you get some answers xx


Hey Sisi14, no I haven’t well I got my doctors appointment next week I’ll for ask for those to be done. Also I been having real back lower back pain, it really hurts when I lay down, could this be a symptom as well? But thank you


Hun if it makes you feel better then wait for your appointment and they will do urine and send you for bloods if necessary! I will say if your awaiting the doctors and have no signs of AUnt flow stay away from all things pregnant women have to and take the folic acid etc!

Back ache can also be a symptom Hun , but can also be something else!

I hope you manage to get the answers next week xx


Why not buy home pregnancy test and check first. At 8 weeks it would be positive. If vomiting lasted only a few days likely was a bug as morning sickness tends to start after week 6 and continue till week 12 or so.


I still get the nauseous feeling Like i have to throw up. It’s just it has gotten little better. I would buy a home pregnancy test but I rather go to the doctor and they do a blood test or check my ovaries.


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