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28 week check


Hi everyone,

I had my 28 week checkup today and everything was perfect, the midwife did mention that the baby is breech, I know it’s early days yet with 12 weeks to go, is there any reason why the baby wouldn’t turn?

Also As I’ve been low risk throughout my pregnancy the midwife asked if I’d like to opt for early discharge from hospital, 6 hours after delivery. This is my first baby so I don’t know what to expect after the birth, would I be ok to leave that early? My partner has one child from a previous relationship and thinks I’d be crazy to agree to it.

Any advice would be much appreciated

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I don’t know anything about being breech but maybe buy a gym ball as that helps baby get in position and they are quite comfy.

This is my first pregnancy and I’ve opted to leave as soon as I can from hospital. I don’t see why there’s anything wrong with leaving early. I would much rather be in my own home as soon as I can x

My baby was breech and I was only referred for scan and to see the doctor when I was 36 weeks and she was still in the same position. She didn’t turn so had a c-section. It’s quite common for a baby to be breech until around 32/34 weeks I think. They still have quite a bit of room to move around! I wouldn’t panic just yet xxxx

My first I stayed two nights as I needs fair amount of stitches and was struggling with breast feeding. My second I was home within few hours.

Surely they can't bind you the 6 hour thing?! From a health point of view there is no reason why you can't leave after a few hours tho... if you plan to breast feed I would make you get someone to help you with your technique before you go or at least find out what find of support you can have, make sure you have all phone numbers just in case you need to ask stuff. Although if it's ur partners second surely he should be able to help out too??

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I do plan on breastfeeding and did mention this to the midwife today, she said I’d be shown how to do it and it’s all practice after that.

As far as being held to the six hours, I did say can we just see how I go and she told me she needed to know so she could put it in my notes, I just worry if I sign out early and need care I’m a 40 minute drive from the hospital.

Myself and my partner have 3 businesses, which we both work, he’ll take as much time off as he can but I’d say it will be very very limited. My parents live 2 hours away but have said they’d come and stay for a few days after the baby arrives. I think panic is setting in

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Then I would opt out if the sux hour thing... if you already signed just tell her you changed your mind after discussion with ur partner... if then things are good and you want to leave after a few hours I'm sure no one will have issues with it! I think it's a bit silly thing to be honest ... how are you meant to know what things are like in 12 weeks time!!!!


I am 35 weeks today and my baby was breech until week 32 so please dont worry there is plenty of time for it to turn. As far as being discharged after 6 hours I would not agree to that. Are you planning to breast feed? If so it is nice to have the support on hand in the early hours to get established. It is my first baby and I have actually asked if its ok to stay in for at least 24 hours so I can get help with this. I was told I can stay as long as I feel I need to in case I need some help. The way I see it, its a very short period of time in your life with your new baby and even though its nice to be at home, I am more than happy to stay to get the support and recover a bit from the birth. Good luck and let us know how you get on xx

I would definitely not agree to that! I stayed just under 24 hours and they offered for me to stay another night if I wanted. We didnt actually leave the room we delivered in for 4 hours. There is no way you can know if you’ll be ready. I’m really quite shocked that they’ve said that. I understand some people just want to get out, but it’s such a crazy time and being rushed out of the door seems unfair.

Don’t worry about babies position yet, they have lots of room at the moment. Good luck with everything. Our little one is 3 months by the way.


Do not worry about 6 hrs things yet! You will be lucky if you get-chance to leave😇

Wishing you all a healthy ahd a happy pregnancy


My little one didn’t turn until 32 weeks and I have known others who little ones didn’t turn until 36/37 weeks so I wouldn’t worry too much. I m not aware of any reason baby wouldn’t turn.l but they will keep an eye on it.

I think it completely depends on the birth you have and if you feel confident to go home. I was induced, 16 hours of labour which ended in an emergency c section. I had my little one at 2am on the Sunday and was home by 8pm on the Sunday evening. Everyone was gobsmacked I was home so soon but I felt fine and wanted to get home with my baby. I would make the decision when your there rather than make it now. Or say that you would like early discharge depending on how you feel.

Hope this helps and good luck x

Hi Jenken. My midwife suggested sitting in certain positions to encourage baby to get into the right position. One was to sit on the edge of sofa with legs parted and lean forward (not a very feminine way to sit!). And the other was to sit on my knees resting my arms on a chair, when watch TV for instance. My baby is head down.

It's a bit odd that they expect you to know at week 28 whether want to be discharged early!! I mean surely that all depends on how your birth pans out.

Personally I'm hoping I'll be able to stay in hospital at least one night so I can make sure I've fully established breastfeeding.

Hope everything goes well with you!

Hi, my midwife told me at 36 weeks that my baby was breech, and sent me for a scan. Turns out the baby was head down :) - so either the midwife was wrong or the baby moved by the time of scan. So I would say do not worry about the position as yet!

About 6 hours - sounds really short time, not a good idea to commit to anything as of now.

Thanks everyone for the replies and kind words. I have another appointment in two weeks and I plan on telling the midwife I don’t want an early discharge. I think I was caught off guard yesterday more than anything.

I bought a gym ball today so hopefully that will encourage the baby to move, although my partners little girl thinks it’s hilarious to see me bouncing in the living room 😂

Best of luck to ye all and thanks again, much appreciated x

Aw hun glad you got the ball to help little one move ! Also getting on all fours helps too. Some Babies don’t turn til labour is in progress my eldest daughter didn’t xx

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