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How does it feel seeing your baby first time(1st time mom)

Hello ladies, i am just wondering how you ladies felt when u saw ur babies first time after giving birth. I am a first mom.currently 28 weeks pregnant and scheduled to give birth at 36 weeks because i have pre eclampsia and placental inssuficiency. I am not having an easy pregnancy, i have to receive steroids shots every week to help my baby lungs develop. On the other side my fiance left me and he claims the baby is not his, this has led me to being so depressed because he begged me for a baby n now that i am pregnant he finds excuse to leav me. I am now leaving with my parents. I get scared that i will not love my baby when she is born because of what her father is putting me through. So i want to know from you ladies if anyone experienced a taugh pregnancy and still loved their baby when they saw them first time

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Hi during my first pregnancy I too went through a tough time. My now exhusband was also desperate for a child and I was a little pressured into it. When I was pregnant he threatened to leave me at least once a month to the point of packing a bag and driving away only to come back just after I had given up on him coming back add to this that he hit me for the first time when I was about six months and started to accuse me of cheating on him. My son was not an easy birth he had to be induced and was four days of hell. I was also really concerned how I would feel when I first saw him and to be honest I’m still not sure how I felt in that moment! I asked if he was healthy and if he had ten fingers/toes but I felt very distant from him like he belonged to someone else! But don’t let that first moment cloud everything if you don’t feel the ways you think you should give it time. My gorgeous boy is now six and I couldn’t possibly love him more! But no matter what you do do, do not forgive your ex and get back with him because of your baby! It will be the biggest mistake of your life. Good luck love yourself and forgive yourself for trusting such a man. It takes time but you will be ok xxx


Hi mitch

Thanks for your reply, i am more woried of how i eill raide this baby alone as i am unemployed and was planning to go back to school next year to study medicine, i have been accepted at medival school in one of the biggest institutions in my country. We talked about this with my fiance begore i fell pregnant and he even agreed to help me out . But now that he has pulled out its a lot more challenging, i come from poor family and have no other support except him now dat i am not working. I worry about who will look after my baby and how will i do to school. I have an honours degree in another field of study but i am currently not working thatd why i devided to go back to school to study medicine which is something i always wanted to do. So now it feels like i have to let this opportubity pass me by while i look for a job to support my baby. And i want to cut all tied with my x fiance but its so hard because i need to call him from time to time so that he can give me money to go see a dr. The hurting part that i feel more angry at myself is dat at one point i was over him, after he cheated on me so many times and kept on getting baack with his baby mama.i left the relationship, i found someone who loved me dearly and qithin 2 months my x fiance came and ruined everything for me. And then he beeged me to accept him back. And he even begged me to give him a child.i shoyldnt have let him back into my life anymore. It haunts me everyday. I dont think i can raise this baby alone.


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