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Baby j

Hi I have a 7 weeks old baby he's got a really bad cold he keeps coughing and sneezing his nose is blocked and he isn't getting much sleep . I spoke to my Health Visitor and I said could I use oilbas. Or vic for baby's and she said not really lets just see how he gets on. But he doesn't sleep or stop crying I've took him to see a doctor and they give me drops for his nose but there not working. What can I use please help

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Have you tried propping him up on his cot so he's not flat on his back. My son had a stinker of cold and this helped. Also try one of the nasal decongestants it's a bit gross but I found the one that you place at the nasal opening and then suck the other end was the best! Good luck xx


Try the plug in Calpol diffuser and a Nose Frieda. Also shut yourself in the bathroom with him and run the hot taps and the steam will help encourage his nose to unblock. Poor baby! Hope he's better soon.


You can get a rub called snuffle babe to rub on chest and back. Also calpol do a saline spray which is really good at clearing babies blocked nose. Hope your little one feels better soon x

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You could put vix/snuffle babe and boiling water in a bowel and use it as an aromatherapy diffuser the vapours will be inhaled much better that way then rubbing them on babes chest and you avoid the risk of damaging his delicate skin too.


Hope baby is feeling better, and cold is clearing. I read somewhere that if u sleep near baby or r breastfeeding u should put vic on yourself, obviously not on boobs, I did this when baby was 3 weeks and too young for other things and I think it helped x


Steam is excellent for relieving congestion. You can steam up your bathroom and just sit in there with him for half and hour or so and you should see his nose start to run - it might need a little encouragement. Or once you've steamed up the room give him a warm bath - worked a treat for my little one.

Also agree with not lying him flat. Maybe let him sleep in his boucer if he can be strapped in.

If it's really bad you can go to the drs as he may have a sinus infection- they could prescribe antibiotics.

Hope he's feeling better soon xx


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