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Hi my names sally.. i have a 5 day old baby.. who i am really struggling with with bad wind ( top end) and hes having bad stomach pains.. he has not settled for the last 2 nights now.. he is on bottles.. and not the easiest of babies to burp he doesnt like to part with it!!!

I have tired every burping positon.. have gripe water and infocol( if thats how you spell it)..

Very tired..

Just looking for sum tips and advise..


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My little boy had really bad wind when he was little. We would burp halfway​ through the bottle as well as at the end. I think we found standing up with his head over the shoulder and lightly bopping up and down to be the most effective. I know you can purchase anti colic bottles which may help. Just hang in there, the first few months are extremely difficult but it gets better x

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Hey I've been there! Rubbing my sons back for a hour and still nothing!

Infracol - useless

Dentinox - ok but not great

Then someone told me about comfort milk - and that was the game changer. With the comfort milk he could actually bring up his wind. I definitely recommend it.

I also found that letting him sleep on his front, improved his sleep 90% I know it's a scary one as your told not to. But my son was able to hold his own head. His cot right next to my bed and all desperate for decent sleep.

Good luck - it won't last forever xx


Not sure gripe water and infacol will help as they are really for colic rather than burly issues. It's a matter of patience with burping, keeping them upright against your chest, be patient patting and rubbing their back. Might need to persistent for 10-15 mins. Being bottle fed he probably will have quite a few burps as they tend to swallow a lot of air whilst feeding.


My daughter was the same she was constantly screaming I tried infocol colif gripe water even changed her milk from SMA to comfort to stay down! Baby massage warm baths nothing was working! Finally I came across a forum where a midwife had put to sit the baby on your lap and move there top half round in a circle to the right 3 times then to the left and then lean them back and bring them forward and it worked every single time! As everyone else has said it won't last good luck!!!

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We called our son the gas man.. get baby's magic tea. Add to his formula if you wish. It'll definitely work.

Lay him on the back and gently press his knees to his chest. Do this until he stops crying.

Also massage his tummy. It works as well.


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