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So me and lo was having a really good routine just started to sleep through till about 5am now she's taking literally one or two ounces every 2-3 hours day and night is crying constantly when being put down and will only sleep on her belly on my chest. Went to doctors Sunday for emergency appointment they palmed me off told me to loose her stools with Lactolose she is passing them about 2-3 times a day more or less any advice?

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  • Hi would love to help but need to know the age of your little one first! They have tiny routine based regressions round 6 months, 8 - 10 and then at 18!

  • shes 7 weeks almost 8 weeks she seems to be calming down a little bit now but shes still a bit upset i do the normal, change, feed, winding, comfort, try her with a dummy, she went to sleep really easily last night but this morning had a screaming fit for 45 mins refused bottles, would be comforted, changed and everything

  • Could be colic or trapped wind? The fact she is happy on her belly suggests might be tummy related which might be why doctor suggested lactolose. A bath often calms my little one when she is uncomfortable, and gripe water is amazing!! 2.5mls when she is screaming and refusing to feed will stop the crying. Good luck!

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