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Older mum and IVF

I have posted one message regarding when to tell family re IVF and was met with good advice.

Just wanted to ask I think I'm about 6 weeks as can be a bit vague with Ive f, I have my scan on 3.1 to see heart beat etc then think release me when 12 weeks. But wanted to ask I have terrible back ache and yesterday between my beasts really hurt, is it that I'm older I'm feeling more pain or is this normal? Can I take pain killers had to go to bed at 4 after work just to lie down to make my back easier. Feeling gosh if this painful now got months to go....,,😂

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Hi, congratulations on successful IVF treatment :-) I haven't seen your previous post but the back ache, breast ache are normal. The only painkiller you can take is paracetamol unless doctor prescribes you something stronger. I Had really bad back ache with my first pregnancy and the only thing that really helped was sleep on my side with pillow between my legs :-)

If you are concerned about anything please contact your doctor.

All the best for the rest of pregnancy! :-) and congratulations.


Thanks for the advice, I have been slightly worried as been bleeding slightly so out a towel in and keeping an eye. It's seems to be brownish but am getting slightly worried of miscarriage. Had a little cry today but suppose keep an eye on it and maybe try and slow down a little.

Think even though we have 2 eggs frozen ideally would not like to go through this emotional rollercoaster again if can help it.

But fingers crossed, feel a bit daft ringing the clinic as such early stage suppose nothing no one can do to control nature.

Keeping positive


If I was in your situation I wouldn't even think twice about bothering them. I really cant imagine what you are going through but at this stage they should be able to find the heartbeat. Try to call them, tell all your concerns and maybe even push for an early scan. I know that spotting can be normal at this stage but I would prefer to know.. I am sure everything will be fine. I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you.


They are open tomorrow so I will give them a call and see what they say . It's worth a call like you say, think as I am older worrying that maybe my body is saying no.

Will call and get checked out.

Finding it hard as nobody knows about the journey we are taking and waiting till at least over 12 weeks as we have a 10 year old so don't want to get her hopes up also.

Thanks again


Please let me know how you get on. I am sure everything will be fine. And try not to worry too much.


Hi there! Congratulations on your positive result. I'm 37 and I've also had a successful IVF/ICSI treatment. I'm now 12 weeks with triplets!

I can imagine what you're going through as I've had the same and I've been advised by my consultant it is normal. If the pain gets too much then I'm ok to take a paracetamol.

The brown discharge is ok as long as it's not bright red blood and you have no severe cramping or pains.

I was exactly the same and was contacting my GP at the very slight twinge. But other than severe sickness my pregnancy is going pretty normal.

Keep me posted on how things go X


When I got pregnant I was spotting (on and off every few days) over 2 week period- was worried a bit about this long implantation . Had my date scan last week and everything seam to be fine!

Stay positive!


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