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Bleeding after Abdominal Ultrasound at 6W4D

Yesterday, 8th Dec, it was my 46 days of pregnancy. I had an appointmont for Ultrasound. Before that, everything is normal, my HCG level is rising properly, I have all the symptoms of pregnancy, nauseous, headache, no appetite at all, sore tips...

When the doctor intend to perform a vagina ultrasound, I rejected it and ask her to do an abdominal one. She is not happy, but she did what I asked. I did not drink much water, so my bladder is not full of fluid. She can't see it clearly. So she press really hard to my lower abdomen and tied again and again, I felt really uncomfortable and pain. Finally it did not work. I was sent home, will do that using a better ultrasound device next Monday again.

But scaring thing is, when I came home, I started vaginal bleeding. I never had one before. And more scaring is that all my pregnancy symptoms are gone!

Can a hard constent press on my lower abdomen cause the bleeding or even a miscarriage? What should I do now?

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Hello TiffanyFaye,

So sorry to hear you are going through this worry! If you have vaginal bleeding, that can be a sign of miscarriage, or not - sometimes women just get bleeding in the first 3 months but it doesn't mean they have lost their baby.

If the bleeding persists and you have blood clots or pain, you should go to a clinic. See another doctor than the doctor you had the upsetting episode with - not because she did something wrong but because you will feel unsafe seeing her again.

If you are having a miscarriage, I would not think the pregnancy symptoms would be suddenly gone in a matter of a few hours. The hormonal change seem to me to be more gradual. I would not attribute a miscarriage now to the doctor's examination of you, I believe there would have to be another cause. And then the timing of this clumsy examination would be very unfortunate.

However, hard to say anything from afar, so if your bleeding gets worse and you get pain, go to a clinic you trust and talk to the doctors there. Tell them everything so they can help you quickly and also help you undestanding what is going on and what might have been the cause of the development.

Good luck and let us know how you are getting on!

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Thank you very much for your kind reply. The bleeding was not serious, and the next morning, it turned to be dark brown discharges. Now what worries me is that my pregnant symptoms are gone for 36 hours already, especially my nipples aren't sore any more. Do you know why is that happening?

Anyhow I know I will have to wait until Monday to find out if everything is fine.

Thanks a lot!


Tiffany sorry to hear all abt u but I have some questions 1st u did pragnancy test at home or from laboratory?who confirmed u that u r pragnant as u say in 6 weeks is ur first visit to the doctor ? When doctor ask for vaginal ultrasound y u rejected its safe ,in this way u get clear picture in front of u ...well ur bleeding was day 1 was heavy painful or which way it was ? Y r u wauting go to the another doctor take second opinion

Allah bless u everything will be fine

Must reply what happen ok


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