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Iam going mad

Having pregnancy symptoms,had no period for 11+weeks now,stomach starting to harden .But had negative urine sample had this with my first child only found out for sure through ultra sound. Gone of most foods n drink and craving werid foods too.reading some post on here make you think your going mad 😞

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If you can't get an ultrasound through gp and can afford it why not get a private one? Although if your urine test is still negative at 11weejs it's unlikely to be positive. You still probably need to see your GP to see why I've not had a period for 3,months.


My doctor is aware of my last pregnancy and having negative urine samples it was due to low hcg levels but i had a healthy pregnancy after morning sickness stage .the doctor wants me to wait until iam over 12 weeks late no period for sending me for ultra sound just spoken to doctor's Secretary they are just making sure iam not just over late but if nothing by this Thursday then they will send me asap


At least there's a plan in place! Let's us know what scan shows! Out of curiosity did they do a blood test last/this time?


you GP should be aware you did not get a positive test in your last pregnancy and if there are they should send you fro a scan this time round? I am assuming you have seen your GP already though seeing as its been 11 weeks, consider going private



Reasons for negative pregnancy tests had urine infection with a blood bloodclot near bellybutton area

Awaiting scan results as at A&e ,was not aloud to see screen in case of complications

Had bloods low hcg levels as i have history of during last pregnancy

A&e doctor thinks iam over 20 weeks but i will know more when i get results

Just thought id let you know x


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