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Antinatal classes & hormones

Trying to find out and get advice as to whether it will really be worth signing up for classes as expecting twins and so far during my pregnancy have been finding it hard to get advice. I have been on tamba but all classes are a long way from where I am and also expensive. Also was told at the beginning of my pregnancy that as I'm expecting identical twins that they could be born any time from 32 and no later than 36. Also when I saw midwife she said they don't usually discuss birth plan till 31 wks. Feeling rather anxious as I like to have a clear plan of what I'm doing. Also as mentioned before it's difficult getting used to putting on so much weight as previously with a lot of hard work I lost just over nine and a half stone. My babies have been growing well though and looking forward to having them here. Got another scan and see the consultant tomorrow I'm currently 29wks. My other half is extreamly supportive and we talk so much about everything but everything just whirls around. Wish I could go with the flow more.

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I'm trying to decide whether or not to do antenatal classes too! I'm 33 weeks and only having one but I can imagine that you must be quite anxious. My midwife still hasn't even mentioned birth plan so I'm thinking of just doing my own one - maybe you could too? You can go on to the NHS website and they help you make one, they have tick boxes etc and then you can print it at the end. I had a look through as I've started to get a bit nervy about not having anything written down for when the time comes! I think so long as you've got it with your hospital notes it doesn't matter that it's not been done with the midwife? 

I've always struggled to put on any weight and everyone has commented all through my pregnancy at how tiny I am, but I've suddenly put on a lot of weight (I feel big compared to my usual self and size) and am finding it a bit difficult because I don't know how I'm going to look after having the baby! Can't wait to have him here though and I know all of the constant thinking about things will all be worth it! Hope you're okay!! 


there was a lady at our antenatal classes who was expecting twins and they adapted a lot of the information to benefit her as well!


Please see my response to ashleeja's post. I hope it helps xxx


Hi Jack81twins. Antental courses are a great way to learn and meet other expectant mums in your local area.

Our teachers can also tailor the courses to ensure that you feel prepared for giving birth to twins.

You can check whether there's a spaces available at an NCT course run in your local area at our website:

If you decide not to attend a course, you might like to attend one of our coffee mornings. They're run by local branches for new and expectant parents to catch up and share their experiences and you don't need to be an NCT member to attend one. You can find your nearest one here: 


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