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Large bump at 11 weeks

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Hi all, I'm very nearly 11 weeks now and with the exception of the nausea on and off and usual tiredness I've been quite well.

My biggest worry at the moment is the size of my bump, it could easily pass for 4 or 5 months pregnant. Whilst I know I've eaten more to satisfy the nausea/hunger I have for the most part made sensible food choices (I hope).

As I had a scan at 8 weeks I'm pretty sure it's just one baby and my bloating seems to have calmed down.

I think the hardest part has been finding clothes to hide it at work, I've found several colleagues looking at my tummy so I'm convinced they know.

My first midwife appt is the 2nd Feb so I'm guessing my scan will be at least a few weeks by the time it's come through so no reassurance that all is well for a while yet.

Just indulging in a little bit of self pity 😟 xxx

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I know, what is it about women checking out other women's tummies?? As if we're not conscious enough about it even if not pregnant! I met some colleagues yesterday for the first time since letting people know my news and true to form I could see them checking out my bump. I had disguised it well though, they didn't actually comment on it but definitely saw their eyes move down!

The transition stage is so awkward, at least if it were summer you could wear something a little floaty on top. I have a couple of ideas which may make your bump appear smaller. A tailored blazer will draw the eye down and away from it and if you have a long scarf, it can also wear this to cover and disguise it. I have an oversized cardigan I wear with a belt to cinch it in at my narrow point and this also seems to work ok. Longer length cardigans would also draw the eye down and away from it and black is always a good colour for tops.

I'm finding the difficult thing now is that my regular clothes are too tight, as would going a size up but maternity wear is a bit too tenty right now. Aargh, it's a minefield.

You should have a scan before 14 weeks normally, so not too much longer hopefully! And you can also use the post Christmas excuse that you ate too much and finding it difficult to lose that weight.

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Thanks for all the suggestions Tlove. My typical work wear is suits/dresses so it didn't take long before most of these didn't fit! Thankfully I had some elasticated trousers/skirt. The jacket as you suggested makes you look boxy so hides it well I just look enormous instead πŸ˜†!! People def stare at your bump when you're pregnant and I imagine it's double the curiosity when they're checking out a twins bump!!!!

I'll be so relieved when people know so fingers crossed my scan won't be too long xx

True people used to check out the bump before they look at my face, and at the end some would even try to go in for a little pat of the tummy (sometimes people I barely knew!) Dublin 77 is this your second baby? You will show a lot before than your first as the tummy muscles are stretched out already. That's normal. If your first scan was fine try and relax. You will not have a gigantic baby at the moment (unless your partner is the hulk?) when babies become huge that's much later down the line in pregnancy.

My suggestion plenty of warm baths and foot massages to relax!

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Are you serious, people actually do pat your pregnant tummy? Oh god. As if pregnancy isn't difficult enough without having to fend off people like that! My husband is the only one I want doing that! Did you slap any of them away or do you just go with it and let them touch you?

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Depends who it was or if they asked permission, or on how shocked I was! i bought a t shirt saying hands off the bump!

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Hope they got the message after you wore that!

roxannacar in reply to Tlove

Unfortunately the mother in law didn't, and can't really slap her wrist. It was a little weird as we don't have that sort of touchy relationship :s at least now she can just cuddle the baby!

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Hi roxannacar, yes it's my 2nd baby. I had heard that you can show earlier but I've been a little shocked to say the least!! Hopefully not a gigantic baby as daddy is rather normal (not green at all πŸ˜‚) and my first baby was 7lb 9oz so hopefully all good on that front. One good thing is this pregnancy seems to be flying along so midwife and scan appts will come round quickly I'm sure xx

I'm a first time mummy to be. Am currently nearly 24 weeks (monday), and my bump is huge!! But has spread around my bum and thighs too. At the beginning I had over stimulated ovaries from my ivf treatment and was admitted to hospital where I also found out the pregnancy had been a success 😊. I was 4 weeks and someone who was pregnant visiting her mum in the bed opposite was 4 months pregnant and my bump was bigger at that point as with the OHSS my tummy was growing 2cm each day!!

I was signed off work for a few weeks but then when I went back everyone knew what had happened so I didn't need to try and hide it. Probably by 14 weeks my bloating calmed down and my natural bump took over.

I've had many comments asking "are you sure you aren't carrying twins? ". Or surprised reactions when they find out I'm not due until end May. I know that they are only curious and being jokey but I must admit it has been a bit of a struggle trying to not take it to heart and think " Am I too big?, Do I just look like an elephant? , have I over eaten? " etc

But at the end of the day after nearly 4 years of trying I'm just chuffed to be pregnant and look forward to meeting my little boy. ...I can worry about excess weight to lose later 😊 Xx

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