Any advice anyone been in same situation please help

Hi Iv had two children before so know what it's like to be pregnant in October I found out I was pregnant no plan and I wasnt ever gonna have anymore ...well 9 positive preg test implant bleeding ect but 2 negative test aswell I then started bleeding not know few but not misscarrage clots so I went to doctor and I had a very bad uti which ended up have clot on kidney I then went to epu who told me I had miscarried and was around 8/9 pregnant but that wasn't possible I new when I conseved and it was around 4wks they wouldn't lisson well anyway 7 was later my boobs are huge nipples have spread an very sensitive sickness ect but one thing is when I'm pregnant I get a rear skin pigment ion that only happens when pregnant help


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  • I think you need to go back to your GP to find out exactly what is going on.

    Sorry if I am not of any help but at this stage I feel that what you need is expert advise.

  • Thanks for your reply well I waited and 8 wks ago I started do hpt test one or two every two weeks and all positive so today due to bad morning sickness and not being able to get docs appointment I funally did I went to doc he exams my uterus and said he felt nothing as I should be around 16 wks and there noway I conceived after but my friend who is a midwife sez diffrent she said its smack just blow my belly bottom where is should be well any didn't believe me and sent me for blood just before I had bloods mind I don't two more hpt test both positive and the hospital also done urine test positive but an hour later negative bloods so they said I abit pregnant I never had this hcg test on my other two sons I got a positive on my first at 8 weeks second 11 weeks but lots of negitive son im before positive but they just scanned me and never done this hcg quantities testing they won't scan me mind untill I have repeats next week and they show positive im scared if I anit preg do I have a series medical conduction or am I pregnant and gonna end up delivering in my house ect thanks for comment x

  • It might be nothing or you might still be pregnant. i have PCOS and after giving birth to my daughter in 2014, I found that my tommy was growing bigger, numerous tests showed I was not pregnant, but rather the wall of my womb was thick and there might have been polyp. After months of nothing, I fell pregnant in September.

    All cases are different, but I would advise you keep the faith whilst ensuring that your GP do his best for you.

    Good luck xx

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