Finally! *phew*

Finally! *phew*

Well, I've kept u all waiting just like my little madam has kept me waiting. I come in on the Friday, after contracting since Saturday night, Friday morning they were very strong and was asked if I wanted to give this a go ok my own. I jumped at the chance! So I was exchanged to the central delivery suite! 😊 was only 3cms when examined, was re examined 4hrs later and then decided go break my waters. Was hoping doing that would progress my dilating. But no! Unfortunately my waters showed meconium, and after another 2 hrs of no progression, in to theatre it was. Jennifer May was born at 15:16 weighing 8lb 10oz 😲 and I'm feeling rather good considering. 3 hrs after, I was wiggling my toes. Think they are gonna help me in the shower soon 😊 hope u all have a great weekend 😊

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  • Excellent news, congratulations!

    And what a big girl she is already ;-)

    I hope you're both well, my daughter also had meconium (natural delivery) and we had to stay in longer but all good - I hope you're both recovering well and quickly! Enjoy those special first days :-)

  • Congratulations!shes absolutely least u got 2 give it a go and u were prepared 4 having a section anyway.take it easy and enjoy your new bundle of happiness.xx

  • Such a beauty hun xxxx congratulations again xxx

  • Congratulations!, Reminds all of s waiting that it'll be worth the wait.


  • Aw what a beautiful name for a gorgeous girl!!! Well done you, sounds like you're recovering well. I had a section with my son 2 years ago and still remember that first shower which was so good even if I was hobbling about 😊. Take care all of you and congratulations xx

  • Congratulations on Jennifer's arrival! She is so beautiful! Morning sickness will be a distant memory now. Well done! I echo Dublin77's post - enjoy that first shower. I felt like I was in a spa! Enjoy cuddling Jennifer xxx

  • Congratulations!! She's adorable. Hope you're feeling well too. Good luck!

    Jenny xxxx

    ps great name btw! πŸ˜‰

  • Congratulations! I bet you are so glad she is finally here! She's so beautiful!! Enjoy the days and nights ahead of you!! Xx

  • Congratulations hun. She's gorgeous. Well done you x

  • She's adorable! And she's got my middle name followed by by baby Niamh's middle name! Good choice! 😍 enjoy every minute! Lots of love and hugs. Xxx

  • Thank you everyone. We are home now and little miss has been spoilt by the whole family. Its just Jennifer, Daddy and me tonight, just to get go know little miss, then tomorrow we will pick up Thomas from my parents and we become 4 :) cant wait to see him. Only seen him for 15 mins max since Friday morning. Cant wait to have us all under one roof 😊 Jennifer passed her newborn checks with flying colours, and she's so lovely! Thank u for all your kind words. ❀

  • Congratulations and all the best. Enjoy your beautiful baby. They grow up so quickly X

  • Congratulations Jubbly! And good to hear she passed her newborn checks. And I'm liking all the smiley faces around here :).

    All the best for the future.

    Maternity Nurse,


  • Awwwww she's gorgeous 😍😍😍😍


    Well done mummy xxxxxxxxx

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