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Help please?

I have been trying to get into my gp for 2 days and had no luck! Ive had 3 negative home tests but im now nearly 3 weeks late and been up since 3am throwing up for England! I am very shaky, been sick for past 2 days, felt nauseous for the past week, irregular sleeping patterns (could sleep all day if given the chance!!), huge appetite to foods i never used to like, no sign of period, sore back and sensitive nipples (not sore) I am going insane, and not told partner as of yet but ive put weight on a lot in past few days.... What can i do? Please help me???? Thankyou for reading x

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Hi there. Are your periods usually regular? The only thing you can do is book a doctors appointment to have a blood test done. IF you are pregnant, then you could be having negative urine tests if your hormone levels are not high enough yet. Are you using Clearblue to test with?

I wouldn't take any notice of symptoms to be honest. It doesnt always mean you are pregnant as if you are actively trying to conceive then your brain can play havoc and make you feel like your having symptoms when you are not. You can actually delay your period if you wish - again all mind games! At the same time, you can always get a lot of these symptoms when you are simply due on your period. As this time round, you may have had a longer cycle than usual.

Best of luck if you are hoping to be pregnant though :-) and let us know when the results come back.


Thankyou so much, im always regular, ive never been this late so thats why im a little worried, the tests i was using are some from asda x


Either wait for your blood results or get a clear blue - only because they can detect the smallest amount of urine so they are known for allowing women to test even before they are due their period.


I always used to get symptoms similar to pregnancy ones. Then when I was pregnant I didn't get anything until about 8 weeks

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I came off my pill and was convinced I was pregnant as I was 2 weeks late, did numerous tests, all negative, tbh I got obsessed! Then the mother of all periods arrived (been on constant contraceptives apart from having my daughter) and I'm hoping I don't have many more before o catch on! Felt the same as you're describing too! Glad ive come on though as my cycle might be getting somewhat back to normal! I've remembered why I've been on contraception for so long!


I am now 3 weeks late and im absolutely exhausted! I feel like crap and keep feeling like im going to come on (cramp wise) but had nothing! Im feeling a little worried now as im only 19 and never been late or pregnant and worst of all i cant get into see my GP until wednesday :-( ive never felt like this! This is why i needed help x


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